It’s Bucko time!

We’ve had a bit of an in joke amongst our gang over the last few weeks of “Bucko time” or “Bucko o’clock”. This was in reference to Clough’s recent liking for regularly bringing Jake on around the 80 minute mark to see out games.

There’s no doubt that, after the outright glory of his winner last night, “Bucko time” will never be the same again! Here’s my thoughts on last nights proceedings.

  • Forest were truly awful and if that game had been against any other opposition, we’d have won a lot more comfortably than we did. Our lack of genuine quality was there for all to see but we still bossed Forest for long periods. It was obvious that nobody wanted to make a mistake, when we just needed somebody to be brave. An earlier goal for Derby I’m sure would have led to a handsome win.
  • Fair play to Cotterill, who has really made his mark on his new Forest team. Long ball, rubbish, unimaginative (Andy Reid excluded), thuggish and cynical. Nice.
  • On that same note, the treatment dished out to Tyson was scandalous. These weren’t just hard, “let him know about it” tackles these were proper Sunday league hacks.  4 or 5 from different players almost looked pre-meditated. How he stayed on I don’t know and Nathan should take massive credit for seeing out the game.
  • For whatever reason, Barks and Shack seem fundamentally unable to threaten from set pieces. Bucko was on for 10 minutes, hit the underside of the bar and then scored what is now one of my favourite Rams goals ever. The fact it was Forest, the fact it was 5 mins into injury time, the fact it just bobbled into the net in slow motion and the fact it was Bucko. I couldn’t have written it better.
  • The chanting about Doughty was a disgrace and does nothing good for Derby County. As they would, Forest will focus on this to take the emphasis away from the football and its so annoying that a small group of morons have given the red dogs the moral high ground that their shit, dirty, disgusting team don’t deserve.  Last night was a night to remember for all the right reasons and I for one am not going to let a few idiots and opportunist red dogs spoil it.

Whilst we wait nervously for news on the skipper, with Forest now put to bed and 10 very favourable fixtures to come, there’s every chance that the Rams can finish the season in real style.



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  1. great blog! i have to starve myself of it now so i can read three or four updates in one. Love ur enthusiasm for the Rams and u always seem to put forward an opinion much akin to my own! plus ur style is more interesting than the OS or DET and less agro than the forums!

    sensible, well thought out comment on Derby County? keep it up!


  2. Kennington Ram

    Don’t forget that Bucko’s wonder strike was also against Lee Camp, whick makes it even better – loved his little arms flailing as the ball huffed and puffed towards the chalk line of victory. Magic.

    What a difference B Davies is making now he’s back. For his lack of mobility and speed, his delivery is wonderful. 3 assists and a goal in his four games back in from the cold i think.

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