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After a Twitter request for a new article, we thought we’d share what the hot topics have been amongst the Ramspace friends and family. It’s friday afternoon and after a couple of good results, what better way to pass the time than talk about footie! Feel free to add any knowledge if you know better than we do:

James Bailey: Simply, what is going on? We’ve all seen the stats about when he plays and now he can’t even get on the bench in a tiny squad. Rumours why have varied from being too close to class-joker Lee Croft; to turning down a move on the eve of transfer deadline. In the latter case, it might explain the signing of Tom Carroll, who is a similar-ish player to Bails but not at all like Greenie. Clough said if Greenie left it would leave us light in midfield, hence signing Carroll but was this a red herring? Pure speculation on my part but you can just imagine “…yeah Harry, he’ll play every game Bailey’s going to Wigan tomorrow”.

Tom Carroll – We’re still not convinced. Tidy player with obvious ability but not the right man for us now. He’s had seven straight starts, so probably due a rest. If Clough really wanted to play a lightweight but talented midfielder to help him develop, he might as well have chucked Will Hughes in – at least we’d have felt the long term benefit and not Tottenham.

Ben Davies – Ok, he’s not the messiah but with us having no one who could play wide or cross a ball, it seemed logical to bring him back. After a goal drought, we immediately score 4 in two games with Ben back and he got two direct assists. Should have happened weeks ago.

Partick Nzuzi – We’ve been frustrated in our attempts to see the reserves this season, with fixtures constantly being cancelled. I finally had it all sorted for Wednesday – then my son had to go to hospital (nothing serious – thanks for asking). Nzuzi played on trial and a quick search reveals him as being a Congolese ex-Newcastle right back with his own blog! http://blog.lfe.org.uk/article/welcome-to-my-blog-patrick-nzuzi We’ve said before, we need a couple of young full-backs in the squad and with us watching Dixon at Dundee United, it seems we’re on the case. Unfortunately, I’ve no idea how Pat played. Can anyone remember a successful trialist under Clough other than Conor Doyle? (and perhaps Michael Boulding).

The run-in – There’s points to be had in all our remaining games, with only Cardiff and M’Boro in the upper echelons to play. Don’t be surprised by a strong top half finish!


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  1. How about Chris Maguire? We know he’s been criticised a number of times this season for not working as hard as he should, either in training or in reserve games and that there were a few enquiries for him to go out on loan during January (one I remember was that we’d turned down an offer from Hibs to take him until the end of the season). By all accounts he’s been showing a lot more in the last few weeks (Nigel suggested as much after one of the last couple of games – can’t remember for the life of me whether it was Brum or Blackpool!!), so it seems very odd that we now send him out on loan to Portsmouth? Almost as though his reward for working hard is to go and get games elsewhere, rather than being on the bench in place of Doyle, who just doesn’t cut it for me,
    Of course, if Maguire scores the goals to drag Forest back into the drop zone, I can’t imagine too many complaints mind you…..

    • I didn’t know about Maguire going to Pompey until your comment. I think its good if he can get some games – the squad is wafer thin at the moment but we do have strikers at least. He might fare well without the pressure of knowing he could be bombed out for a few mistakes – Pompey only named four subs last week so he should see some action!

  2. Re triallists – we have had absolutely loads of them in the Clough era, generally never followed up. Saul Halpin even scored a hat-trick v Forest reserves, but was never heard from again! However, I’m sure Tom Naylor came on trial before he was signed.

    • You’ve written a good piece about trialists haven’t you? Have you got a link? You’re right on Naylor.

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