Monthly Archives: March 2012

Contracts update

Back in January, we did a couple of articles about out of contract players – who was likely to be on their way and who might get a new deal. Within days, the picture had completely changed with Ando and Riggott leaving, whilst January saw plenty of other outward movement. Here’s where we are now…

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Rams vs. Brighton & Hove Albion preview

We were asked to do a short preview of Tuesday’s match for the Brighton programme. Instead of the usual “who’s your best player?” type of questionnaire, it asked some good questions. I don’t know how much will actually appear in the matchday mag but here is the unabridged version (written before Donny but I don’t think it would alter the answers too much):

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It’s Bucko time!

We’ve had a bit of an in joke amongst our gang over the last few weeks of “Bucko time” or “Bucko o’clock”. This was in reference to Clough’s recent liking for regularly bringing Jake on around the 80 minute mark to see out games.

There’s no doubt that, after the outright glory of his winner last night, “Bucko time” will never be the same again! Here’s my thoughts on last nights proceedings. Read the rest of this entry

What we’re talking about

After a Twitter request for a new article, we thought we’d share what the hot topics have been amongst the Ramspace friends and family. It’s friday afternoon and after a couple of good results, what better way to pass the time than talk about footie! Feel free to add any knowledge if you know better than we do:

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