Post Match Thoughts – Leicester

After another spirit crushing defeat against average opposition, the Rams (largely positive) season is in major danger of dwindling away into deep negativity.

Here are some thoughts on last night’s defeat to Leicester.

  • I wrote last week that I have nothing against Tom Carroll and he looks a top quality young player. However there’s no doubt that our team selection, performance and subsequently results have fell off the edge of a cliff since his arrival. Clough has stated several time of late how he didn’t understand why we weren’t “at it” from the start. The main reason is, in recent weeks, it takes at least 45 minutes and a couple of tweaks to find a formation that works (see Barnsley, Reading and Leicester).

    "Bloody hell, who was that bloke we signed from Notts County"

  • Clough’s notorious stubbornness and black/white attitude to players is really costing us at the moment. Hands up who thinks our midfield would be as easy to walk through/past/around with Bailey and Addison in there? Again, there’s no question Hendrick and Carroll are good footballers but they are so easy to play against its not true and they don’t offer the quick direct passing you get from Bails.
  • On a similar note, what’s happened to Ben Davies? Whilst always a marmite character with Rams fans, what you definitely get from him is someone who is a genuine right side midfielder, a shift and decent shooting/delivery. He should be at least on the bench as opposed to two centre halves last night.
  • I think Bally has done a monumental shift in difficult circumstances over recent weeks, but he needs a rest. For me, we need to persevere with Tyson but we definitely need Theo back in. Genuine nuisance value who makes things happen every time he’s on the pitch.
  • Finally last night’s attendance of 28000 was unbelievable. If you consider that Leicester only bought about half of what they would have done on a Saturday, it’s even more so. We regularly support the general fiscal policy of GSE, but with support like this after the 3 years we’ve had, it has to be said it’s about time something a bit better was served up.



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  1. Spot on…. I know it’s a slow process & we must be patient & I believe Nigel WILL get it right given the support he needs… but wake me up when it’s finished !!

  2. There are some curious decisions going on. I’ve now see enough of Tom Carroll to know that he adds nothing to the team. Too young & too lightweight. We desperately need a midfield general and he certainly ain’t that, so why is he keeping his place? I don’t understand. I was asking Ollie about Ben Davies yesterday. Any ideas why he’s so out of favour? He is still our player with the most assists and still 4th in the whole league – yet he’s barely figured in months. I realise stats aren’t everything but right now we just don’t seem to be a threat and the lads up front aren’t getting the service.And to end on a positive – that scarf waving thing Leicester were doing is the lamest thing I have ever seen.

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