Post Match Nonesense

Although I have made the odd appearance on Radio Derby in the dim and distant past, I’m not really one for actively contributing to the post match comment or the Monday night phone in.

On that basis it’s hard to criticise those who do. However the utter drivel being spouted by the first few callers after Saturdays thrashing at Southampton (not helped by the Radio D team) demands a comment.

I know its standard form that when the Rams win, you pretty much get (literally) radio silence and then  it’s Yanks out, Clough out, every time we lose. To be fair I don’t think DCFC fans are alone in this trait.

Whilst it’s disappointing to see a “nice but nothing” club like Southampton sprint past us to the Premiership, the whole “that’s what you get if you invest” chorus, conducted it has to be said by messers Davies and Bloomfield, was fundamentally flawed.

Currently in the Championship, only two clubs have thrown serious money at their team. One being West Ham, who, armed with parachute payments and an experienced manager, have made a calculated big punt on going straight back up. The other is Leicester City who have, frankly, had a debacle of a season and are currently no better off than the Rams.

Southampton are widely regarded as having one of the best academies in English football and have promoted from it regularly over recent history. Nigel Adkins is also a good manager who has signed proven championship players who he knew well.  But most crucially of all, in the context of Saturdays comments, is the fact that in the summer they sold a player for in excess of £10m. A fact conveniently ignored by everyone, including the professional journalists.

I could write plenty more on this, but I’ll just leave you with this thought. If/when somebody gives us a silly money offer for a Hendrick, Bennett or a Hughes which we accept, don’t cry asset stripping or no ambition, revel in the new found spending power. If we ever turned down such a bid, then that would be cause to say that Southampton have a better plan than us.



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  1. The idea of Soton being big spenders seems to be based soley on signing Billy Sharp, who came of at HT on saturday and hasn’t yet played a role in them being in the top 2 all season.
    The backbone of the team is the same as in League One and they spent roughly the same as us in the summer.

    • They spent £1.8 million on Danny Fox (brilliant on Saturday) and £750,000 on Jack Cork in the summer plus they had a Japanese international on the bench (free transfer but on big wages). If you add the fact that they spent £3 million on the team when they were still in League One, the gap in resources is clear. We can’t compete with that until we get bought by wealthy Swiss benefactors (not going to happen) or as you say sell an Academy product for big money.

  2. I’ve come late to this discussion, but your article/thoughts echo what I’ve posted elsewhere. Firstly, I agree with the poster above that Southampton do possess a benefactor of sorts.

    Having said that, they sold Oxlade-Chamberlain and seem to have used this money to reinvest in the team. Nobody wants to see their best players (Ward, when on form & linked to Leicester)/youngsters sold), but for a club like Derby, it is a fact of life especially since GSE don’t possess the wherewithal themselves. Messrs Glick & Appleby often remarked about the club becoming ‘self-financing’.

    When you think Gadsby provided Davies with about £5m to rebuild the team in 2006/7, the sale of a promising Academy graduate, say for about half of Oxlade-Chamberlain’s fee, could help the manager buy players in a number of positions.

    What Derby need to do is ensure that they receive the best fee possible rather than a Huddlestone farce where we sell a promising player for peanuts.

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