Post Match Thoughts – Barnsley

I went to Barnsley last night, here’s a few quick fire thoughts on the evenings proceedings.

  • I can understand why Green was left out but Clough definitely got his starting team wrong. Hendrik looked lost on the right from the first minute and Carroll gave Bryson little or no help in stemming the Barnsley midfield tide. Why Bailey was excluded after his performance against Stoke I don’t know.
  • I said before the game our front 6 was unbelievably young and even Ben Davies could have done a shift on the right to add a bit of experience. Unfortunately men against boys was how the half played out!
  • Having said that, our general play was as bad as I’ve seen for a long time. Nobody could pass on the floor, the movement was shocking (as was the pressing) and pretty much everyone seemed to be off the pace or have their head down.  Barnsley won every second ball (and first and third) and the gaps we gave them made them look like Brazil.
  • The penalty the ref gave them was as soft/harsh as you’ll ever see. Looked a standard coming together as the ball ran out of play which happen 5 or 6 times every game. If the ref saw a pull, he was the only one who did.
  • After looking totally out of his depth in the first half, Carroll was majestic in the second and I think he will enjoy playing at Pride Park. He pretty much ran the show and Tyson also looked sharp when he came on. Wardy put his bottom lip away after his goal and got back to his old self and a second goal a bit earlier would have made it interesting because Barnsley were on the ropes.
  • It’s easy and boring to moan about refs, but on the basis of the harshness of Barnsleys penalty, how he didn’t give one if not all 3 of our appeals is a mystery. The high kick on Brayford was well worth a shout but the handball and in particular the foul on Carroll after his fifa12 marquee spin were as nailed on as you’ll ever see.
  •  The Rams should take credit for the second half, but the damage was done. Barnsley were no great shakes and we should have taken something from the game. However I guess West Ham didn’t expect to lose 5-1 to Ipswich!

Lets hope the real Derby County stand up on Sunday!



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  1. Listened on RD and the Bloomfield/Davies tag team didn’t moan at all about their penalty, said it was clearly a push from Brayford and that the ref had no choice but to give it.

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