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Post Match Thoughts – Leicester

After another spirit crushing defeat against average opposition, the Rams (largely positive) season is in major danger of dwindling away into deep negativity.

Here are some thoughts on last night’s defeat to Leicester. Read the rest of this entry


Post Match Nonesense

Although I have made the odd appearance on Radio Derby in the dim and distant past, I’m not really one for actively contributing to the post match comment or the Monday night phone in.

On that basis it’s hard to criticise those who do. However the utter drivel being spouted by the first few callers after Saturdays thrashing at Southampton (not helped by the Radio D team) demands a comment. Read the rest of this entry

The Slow Train to the Next Level

Despite putting in a very low quality performance, the Rams were not particularly outplayed by Reading last night. Neither side really deserved to win and it was clear if anyone scored it would be tough for the other side to come back.

However the predictable way the second half panned out, the ease in which Reading saw out the game after their goal and our now established mid table league position has prompted a new round of “where are we going?” type comment and conversation. Read the rest of this entry

Ryan Noble – Roker Report

We were asked by Sunderland AFC website “The Roker Report” ( to let them know how Ryan Noble was getting on.  Here’s what we said: Read the rest of this entry

Post Match Thoughts – Barnsley

I went to Barnsley last night, here’s a few quick fire thoughts on the evenings proceedings. Read the rest of this entry