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When is the right time to sell?

Selling a player of any value is usually seen as a negative activity by football fans. You can only get away with it if you’re a very big club or very small. Anything other and you’re in for a shit storm from the fans. Even if you sell someone for £50m or £35m, some will still burn their shirts. The commonly shared ideal is to spend money on quality players and sell your rubbish players. However, this poses a couple of fundamental questions – where does the money to buy come from? And who wants rubbish players? Read the rest of this entry


Departure Lounge – Gate 1

With several departures expected this January, we’ll probably need a couple of articles to say goodbye to all the outward bound passengers. We’re only half way through January, yet the exit door is already swinging.

Here’s the first batch including Bywater, Ando, Leacock, Pearo and Dave Martin:

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Rams Cloth Cut For Success

With the transfer window now fully open for business, as they did a year ago, the Rams have been quick to dampen any hopes of big signings.

“Getting a few out is priority”, “only if it’s a significant improvement on what we have” and “we’ll react in the loan window if we have to” are phrases most fans of DCFC are now well used to hearing in the month of January.  However this year, there doesn’t seem to be half as much reaction to the statements as usual. Read the rest of this entry

Rams have the runs!

Say what you like about Silly (ok then, he’s an arrogant little…sniiiip…) but he does know the Championship inside out and he’s an expert at getting teams in the play-offs. One of his theories was that teams needed three good runs in a season to challenge for the play-offs.  Read the rest of this entry