Post Match Thoughts – Bristol City

A win’s a win’s a win and, by crikey, did the Super Rams need that one yesterday!

Herewith my thoughts on yesterdays ‘save our season’ win over Brizzle City.

You can talk all day about the lack of genuine quality in this Rams side but what you definitely can’t knock is the endeavour, spirit and ability to keep going against all the odds. When City took the lead yesterday, there couldn’t have been a Rams fan in the ground who didnt think we were staring down the barrel of another miserable day at the office, yet somehow we pulled it out the bag and it was immense!

On a similar theme, I have to give special praise to Wardy and Bryson. The energy, effort and commitment these two put into every game is phenomenal. Wards bit of magic turned the game on its head and Bryson had his best game yet in a Derby shirt.

If you still need convincing on Bryso, I read in the programme that his most disliked football pundit was Craig Burley! Quality. (whilst we’re bigging him up we won’t mention that he’d never heard of Ian Brown).

Less positively, why on earth did Clough not start with Ball? Whilst we dominated Palace for pretty much the whole game, we were toothless until the introduction of the substitutes and yesterday was exactly the same. Priskin is not an energetic or particularly strong player, so 4-5-1 with him is a very negative set up and one which we shouldnt be anywhere near at home to the likes of Bristol. Once Ball got involved and started holding the ball and smashing defenders, it lifted players and crowd alike. When Bennet came on for the (again) ineffectual Davies, 4-5-1 quickly morphed into menacing 4-3-3 every time we attacked and it was game on.

In another Clough moan why does he keep putting two centre halves on the bench? Whilst none are particularly in favour, surely multi purpose players like Croft, Cywka or Maguire are a better bet than Bucko?

Finally does anyone know who the Pride Park DJ is? How old is he and how long is left on his contract? The music at PP has always been questionable but it’s plummeting to new depths this season. I don’t expect Cribs B-sides but why can’t we just have something vaguely current? I’d rather listen to JLS or 1D than an esoteric alternative 80’s half time montage. Get it sorted Tom.

So it’s Ipswich next and one thing we know for certain is that Priskin won’t be starting. If Ball starts and we can get either Theo or Tyson with him, there’s no reason why we can’t go there and do them.

Right, all together – Unbeaten in two, unbeaten in two, we’re Derby County unbeaten in two……….


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