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Beer and Football

For those not heading to the KC , Borrowash Vics are staging a “mini beer festival” at the home match

Not an unusual sight at this level.

vs. Radford FC on the 2nd of January. Sick of drinking Carling in the clubhouse, “Post Office John” has arranged for a few barrels of Derby brewed Mr Grundy’s beer to be available, with proceeds going to the club. An expensive pint for John but a great gesture none-the-less. Even better news is that the first pint is only a quid with a DCFC season ticket or CAMRA membership.

So if you’re at a loose end on Monday, get yourself down to the Watkinson Bowl (Borrowash rd. Spondon). If it gets cold, you can always stay in the clubhouse watching Sky Sports News!


The Next Level

I didn’t go to Ipswich on Saturday, but the post match comment and general feedback was that the Rams were unfortunate not to take something from the game. Again.

Cant fault the players, punished for half mistake, Frank had little to do, if we’d have scored first/when we were on top (delete as appropriate), plenty of positives, deserved something from the game are all things we’ve heard regularly this season after losing to below average opposition. However you get no points for any of that last time I checked. Read the rest of this entry

Contractual Obligations pt2 – the answer within

Hot on the heels of our “Contractual Obligations” article, Ando is first out the door with his contract cancelled. On the surface of it, it’s perfectly logical – he’s out for 3 or 4 months, then his contract runs out. However, pause for a moment and there is a hint at a change of direction.  No “let’s get him fit and look at another year”, just “goodbye”. Clough has said that Tom Naylor is a ready-made replacement and has spoke increasingly about solutions from within. Here we look at those who could go and who needs to be replaced…

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Post Match Thoughts – Bristol City

A win’s a win’s a win and, by crikey, did the Super Rams need that one yesterday!

Herewith my thoughts on yesterdays ‘save our season’ win over Brizzle City. Read the rest of this entry

Contractual Obligations

Amongst many conversations we had whilst watching the Palace game in town Friday was around which Rams players are out of contract this summer.

Clearly some have been well documented such as Greeny, Leacock, Pearo, Bywater etc. However when you start looking at it, it’s potentially quite a list! Read the rest of this entry

Team for Palace?

I’ve got a new tool for my iPad to build footy formations and tactics. I’m still working it out, but herewith my team for Palace.

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