Team For Cardiff?

For whatever reason, lengthy injury lists have become a common theme of Nigel’s tenure as Rams boss.

With Theo and O.B becoming the latest first teamers to bite the dust, Wednesdays team selection looks an interesting one.

What I think we should do and what I think we will do are probably two different things.

Whilst there is talk of patching/drugging O.B up for Cardiff, I think he’ll probably miss out with Ando stepping in at centre half. Crofty wasn’t involved for the reserves last night, so I expect him to come in at right back. Kilbane did nothing particularly wrong on Saturday but I think asking him to do a full game against dangerous opposition like Cardiff is a gamble.

Most of the midfield will stay as is, with the main question being whether to move Wardy up top.

I would personally start with Wardy wide and bring Ball in for a well overdue start with Maguire. If that doesn’t work, we can change it around and introduce Bennett or Cwyka. However I think Clough is more likely to move Wardy up top and start with Doyle wide, who he clearly rates.

In any event, whilst we can definitely win this game, a draw would be another point we didn’t get last season and I definitely think we can beat Posh on Saturday.

Come on you Rams!



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  1. Kennington ram

    Wardy needs to stay out wide left. Bennett and maguire to start up front.

    Back four of ando at RB, zinadine and shacks at CB and roberts at LB.

    3 pts from next two matches would be good return I reckon- international break can’t come too soon.

  2. I don’t know how much to read into the reserves but Doyle and Croft weren’t involved at all so must be in Clough’s thoughts, even if its Plan B (i.e. if OB’s injections don’t work). Croft could go right back (shifting Ando across) or on the wing with Ward in the middle (as we started the season).
    Ball came off at half time but apparently had a twinge, whilst Cywka played 68 mins – so those two not really kept under wraps.
    I reckon play Doyle and Maguire in something resembling the 4-6-0 formation claimed by Jonathan Wilson (Inverting the Pyramid) to be “the future” – no out-and-out goal scorer but (potentially) goals from everywhere. (Not to be confused with Craig Levein’s 4-6-0 which meant putting a load of defenders in midfield). Maybe this has been what Metgod has been working on whilst Andy Garner has been doing all the press!

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