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New Boy – Tamas Priskin

So the Rams have at last bagged a striker in the shape of Ipswich and Hungary’s Tamas Priskin.

As is traditional on Ramspace, we asked a couple of our mates what they thought.
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Post Match Thoughts – Hull City

Yesterday’s game against Hull was the sort of day which has become, unfortunately, only too familiar to Rams fans over the last few years.

A big crowd turn out expecting to see the Rams roll over some average opposition, only for the team not to turn up and make said opposition look like Barcelona, prior to wildly celebrating the most comfortable away day they’ll have all season.

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Worst club song ever?

Ever wondered why the Red Dogs sing Mull of (f’)Kintyre before each kick off? Well, I can’t quite answer that but after a debate on a Hull forum, one helpful Tiger supplied all the lyrics to the Forest version. It doesn’t need any additional comment from us, its absolutely cringeworthy and confirms the Dogs as being completely bogged down in the past, to the point where they get misty eyed about playing anyone half decent. ¬†Feast your eyes on this:

(Thanks to The Hull Fan At Work)

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The Good, The Bad and the Self Inflicted Frustration

As we move into the international break, The Rams sit 7th in the league and well and truly “in the mix” at the right end of the table. A state of affairs every Rams fans would have considered more than acceptable at the start of the season.

However if you wanted an overall reflection of the season so far, look no further than the three games played by DCFC this week.

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Team For Cardiff?

For whatever reason, lengthy injury lists have become a common theme of Nigel’s tenure as Rams boss.

With Theo and O.B becoming the latest first teamers to bite the dust, Wednesdays team selection looks an interesting one.

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