Forest Post Match Barometer

Regular readers of Ramspace will be well aware of our barometer concept whereby we list out some good and not so good things about the world of DCFC.

Thus with everyone writing their views on yesterdays monumental win against Forest, we thought we’d twist our usual post match thoughts piece with a quick-fire barometer. As you’d expect there aren’t many downsides to a result like this. So in no particular order:-

Good Times – Whilst Nigel and the players will rightly dedicate yesterdays win to the fans, Nigel should also take a moment to enjoy the win too. After taking some fearsome stick last season and hanging onto his job by his fingernails, this was surely Clough’s finest hour (so far) as Rams manager. Respect.

Clough’s tactical adaption, McClarens failure –  Theo occupies the Forest back line, whilst Rams make game narrow and congested in midfield. Extra man? What extra man?

Team Spirit – More Clough team bonding and spirit building as he personally leads a chorus of boo’s as Tyson boards the coach pre-match. Then personally leads a group hug on the pitch post match.

Red Dog Cheats – Whilst it’s difficult to argue that it wasn’t a penalty, Frank’s sending off was shocking. Greening, Reid and Cohen immediately surrounding the ref like something from one of the recent el classico games didn’t help. Which leads nicely onto…….

Chris Cohen – that’s Karma, man.

Crystal Ball – Last week on Radio Derby Jamie Ward said ” it would be great to score and give it some in front of their fans and would be also great to put one past Campy”. Enough said.

Tommy Cwyka – After six months of waiting, had to take one for the team without touching the ball. Nice to see Clough with his arm round him after the game, hope he gets another chance soon, purely out of sentiment!

Groundhog Day – Watching McClarens interview afterwards, it was almost identical to Clough’s comments after the 2-5. Humiliated by the game, a man who knows his team simply are not good enough, there’s not a great deal he can do about it and he’s massively in the shite.

Jonathan Greening – that image is ok if you’re a South American in your twenties and a bit of a geezer. When you’re a washed up Championship journeyman, you just look like a smelly tramp.

Andy Reid – Talking of journeymen, on his return to Forest, Andy Reid claimed he was a better player than when he left. So expect a £5m bid from Tottenham any day. About as likely as Reid walking past a Greggs and not getting heavily involved. Fat chance.

Moxey and Sav –  Both tweeted #dcfcofficial to praise the lads and celebrate the win. Nice one.

Lee Camp – When he was at Derby, Campy was a cracking confident keeper until he chucked one in at PNE in the play offs and fell apart. With his howler for Ireland, his shocking effort yesterday and widespread red dog talk of him losing his touch, I wonder if Pratley from the half way line and his failed move to Swansea have killed the peacock strut? Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.

Jeff Hendrik – What a player, what a miss, what a goal, what a moment. Regardless of anything else he does, Jeff is now a DCFC legend. By the way, what an accent!??!! I’d love to hear him having a ‘technical’ conversation with Metgod.

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  1. Couldn’t agree more with this, especially the Cwyka comment – as I said on Facebook after the game, that win was for him as much as it was for anyone else. To see him almost in tears when he was sacrificed, then to see Clough with his arm around him at fulltime – fallout?? Don’t believe a word of it.

    One more positive to add to the list – Bet365 very kindly offered me 7/2 on the away win. Having missed out on the 4/1 earlier in the week, it was almost rude not to lump on – £20 quid later and I’m a very happy man!! UTR

  2. Great comment from Forest captain Luke Chambers in the Notts Post: “I don’t think I did too badly. I did not lose a header all afternoon, so for me, it was a step in the right direction”. Nice to see that he thought things went well. No wonder the Dogs are a rudderless ship with that kind of leadership!

  3. Hendrick was tremendous. For years we’ve come up against teams whose central midfielders were just too quick, too tough in the tackle, too mobile for us to keep up with, while the likes of Savage lumbered around. Great to see Hendrick and Bryson making it look easy (ish!) in there.

    The fitness of the team is immense.

    Also, Jamie Ward, what a little shit – i bloody love him. I remember watching him for Sheff Utd and i hated him, tenacious, in the ref’s ear, niggling at defenders heals, a real pain in the arse. Isn’t it great having one of those players on our side?! He’s like a young Paul Dickov. Lovely stuff.

  4. I just can’t get enough of seeing Jamie Ward nutmeg Gunther and beat Camp at his near post….absolutely sublime.

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