Post Match Thoughts – Coventry

Did we think that promotion was in the bag after our 4 in a row? Do we think we are going into meltdown now we’ve lost 2 games? The obvious answer to both questions is no. However you wouldn’t think so based on some of the stuff I’ve read and heard in the last few weeks.

Anyway, here’s some hopefully considered thoughts on yesterdays gutting defeat to Cov.

  • More than anything yesterday was a massive missed opportunity. You’re never going to play away in the championship and not have a few scrapes, but I thought we looked the better side and certainly had two or three gilt-edged chances to take the lead. If one of those had gone in, I think we’d have won at a canter.
  • Although we always have moans about refs for general rubbishness , I can’t recall us getting such a bad, game changing call for quite a while. It wasn’t even close to a foul and Chris Foy should hang his head in shame when he watches it back.
  • Jamie Ward again missed a couple of chances but you can’t knock his work rate and nuisance value. He created his big chance yesterday himself and goals will come for him soon. Conversely I think me and sspaceram contributed more, cheering the lads on from my front room, than Steve Davies did on the pitch. I’m not a hater of Davies and he can definitely shoot, but he’s literally bringing nothing to the table in open play.
  • In the absence of Bails, we were painfully lacking anyone who could make a telling pass. Bryson & Hendrik had decent games but neither looked capable of picking holes in the Cov backline. Ben Davies hit a couple of cracking corners but he and Crofty were distinctly average and caused little or no problems. I think we have plenty of midfielders who can play “the Eustace role”, what we need is someone who can play the Charlie Adam role and make us tick.

So next it’s another team on their arse, Forest. This is a tough game regardless of league position and McClaren will be only too aware that he can turn his whole situation around by thumping the Rams. We can’t let that happen.

Any result for us, with Millwall & Barnsley back to back at home to follow, and we’re back in business. A defeat and we’re back to square one. It’s a massive game on every level and a perfect platform for Tyson to launch his Derby career or perhaps Steve Howard to re-introduce himself to the Rams faithful.

Hold tight everyone, it’s going to be a long week.





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  1. It is obvious that we need a “proper striker” one who can both score goals and create for his team mates, S. Davies unfortunately does not do this. I do not subscribe to the Howard/Kuqi brigade, we need to move forward, take a look at Coventry’s Jutkiewicz as a fine example of a Centre Forward. This type of player would improve the team so much in combination with our new found solidity.

  2. I with you all the way on Kuqi and wouldn’t normally subscribe to the Howard option. However thinking what we can realistically do at this point in time, Howard looks a good short term bet to me.

    Interesting to note that another Target man Target, Chris Wood, bagged a hat trick yesterday.

  3. As you said in your first point, the missed chances killed us, and in my view more than the ridiculous decision that went against us. Ward’s inability to lift his head up when clear on goal was something you’d see in a kid’s game – I don’t think I have seen a Derby forward miss so many clear cut chances as he has done in the games we’ve played this season and he’s definitely lacking some finesse.

    As for a target man, I’m sure a certain Rob Hulse would be by far a much better loan signing than the usual that’s been mentioned so far.

  4. Will be interesting to see what conclusions are drawn from the game at Leicester today. Forest are short of pace and there must be a massive temptation to throw Tyson in for an hour.

    It would also be good to get Callum Ball on the bench with his current purple patch. That’s how Phil Gee and Malcolm Christie started!

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