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After seeing Lee Camp strutting around Pride Park last season, it was nice to see him humbled in the week with a catastrophic error for Northern Ireland against Estonia. The goal made it 2-0, which effectively killed a game labelled as “win or bust” by NI captain Aaron Hughes before the game. The headline after the game was “captain Hughes hints at quitting international scene”. So thanks to Camp Northern Ireland are out the Euro’s and in danger of losing their captain. To see the goal, click below:

It capped a bad week for Camp, who no doubt felt a pang of envy at seeing Frank Fielding called up for the the full England squad only months after Lee had given up and opted for Northern Ireland. On top of that, Camp has also lost the Forest captaincy after having the armband for most of last season in the absence of Paul McKenna. One of McClaren’s first acts was to give it Luke Chambers. Plenty of ammunition to give it Camp with both barrels when we visit the City Ground then: all together now “you’ll never play for England/ England’s No.1/ Where’s your armband gone?” etc.

Still partly on the subject of Camp, the Derby Telegraph did quite a feature on the academy/ youth set up on Monday. One of the articles had a headline about Huddlestone, Camp and Grant being notable successes, then proceeded to talk at length about Huddlestone being undersold. If that was bad business, what about having two England U21 international ‘keepers and getting a grand total of £200k for them? It rarely gets a mention but Grant and Camp have gone on to play over 300 Championship games between them; Grant has moved for £500k whilst Camp was being linked with Swansea for a couple of mill in the summer. Meanwhile, we’ve spent five years and a lot of money trying to find a decent Championship ‘keeper. We also let Tuggy go for a song when Sheff Wedneday later turned down £1.7m for him from Burnely and got a total of £50k for Lee Holmes, Nathan Doyle and Pablo Mills – all of whom were thought to have glittering futures.

Maybe we should be grateful we got anything for Huddlestone! There’s no doubt that Huddlestone’s subsequent career has shown Spurs to have bagged a bargain but there’s no telling exactly how players will develop – just look at John Bostock who Spurs signed at a similar age, causing Simon Jordan to give up football due to the low fee awarded (approx £500k). Well, you could look at him if he was anywhere near the Spurs bench, even in the Europa league. And Spurs weren’t laughing when they paid £2.2m for Rasiak – so let’s stop going on about the Huddlestone fee.

Finally, it was interesting to see Glick taking about the “half a dozen” players we hoped to move on. Leacock and Bywater are definite; Dave Martin must be one but who are the others? Pearo sometimes gets mentioned but is also never far from the first team picture when fit. Varney could be included but that still leaves one or two. Answers on a post card.


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  1. Greeny has to be a suspect to move on – a bad injury that he will struggle to come back from as the player he was – and he wasn’t even that good last season (in his defence he wasn’t always played in his best position). Rumours also that Pearo had a falling out with management over the summer regarding his future.

  2. Green is out of contract in summer, as is Pearson – I doubt either of them will get offered extensions on the same terms. Am sure both will be on relatively high wages and NC will continue the policy of ‘out with the old’. But yes, the ‘half-a-dozen’ line raised eyebrows here, as well.

  3. Interesting that you both mention Green. I’ve noticed that “players in the last year of their contract” is the euphemism used by Clough and Glick, and repeated by Steve Nicholson, to refer to players we’re trying to get rid off. For weeks Nicholson was saying “players in the last year, such as Bywater and Leacock” and he recently added Green to that list. Nicholson tends to play very safe but there is probably a hint there. Problem is, who’s going to sign Green at the moment?
    I wouldn’t be surprised is Cywka was also up for grabs. Clough doesn’t seem to have any plans for him – never mentioned as a striker and not a midfielder.

  4. Cywka surely, fact that he doesn’t even make bench shows Nigel will never forgive him for that Portsmouth away. (Cywkagate) shame.

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