Occasional topical quiz #1

Written to provide some mild entertainment for those reading at work on a Friday, here’s a short topical quiz. Answers on the new quiz answers page on the top link bar.

1) Derby’s opening goal against Burnley in the 1992 FA Cup third round, was scored by Martyn Chalk (seconds after we walked in the ground if memory serves me). Chalk was one of the few ex non-league players to reach the Rams first team between the Gee/Francis/Taylor days and the Pringle/Bucko/Deeney signings (I can think of Christie – any others,  let me know). Anyway, which Lincolnshire team did we sign him from?

a) Lincoln United   b) Louth United   c) Grantham Town

2) Tyrone Mears must have thought he’d made it when he signed for West Ham and again at Marseille. However, he played very few games for either. Did he play more the the Hammers or L’Om?

"Think you're clever now do ya Conners?"

3) On the subject of Rams reserves in Europe – Looking at the Europa league fixtures last week, I noticed that ex-Ram Aleksander Prijovic was on the bench for FC Sion. On further investigation, he’s got the no.9 shirt and has started most matches. He failed to make a competitive appearance for the Rams but  which of the following three clubs has he played competitive football for?

a) FC Zurich  b) Parma  c) Aalborg  d) Northampton  e) Yeovil  f) Hereford

4) Talking of Jagger signings. Jagger has today lined up three players – Bullard, Sonko and Murphy, using his usual policy of “I remember they were good last time I was in management”. Where are the following three players now plying there trade?

a) Roy Carroll   b) Liam Dickinson  c)  Jordan Stewart

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