Things To Learn From Last Season

With only two games gone & so many injuries, we’ll hold fire for the time being on any major comment on the new look Rams.

We’re still very much in positive new season mode, so herewith part 2 of an occasional series snappily entitled “articles I wrote whilst securing sunbeds  in Cyprus” . Herewith some things to learn last season.

Make decisions early on key player contracts – Whilst the Commons situation was a complex one, we got ourselves into a position where Kris was holding all the cards. No player is bigger than DCFCand we should always decide when a player leaves & on what terms. Take note whoever is looking at John Brayford’s current deal.

"Quick, lose the shovels lads, Barks done his groin"

Game Management #1 –It’s not always a good thing to make the game go ahead at all costs. On a couple of occasions last season, we played games with injuries and suspensions when we could easily have postponed & Silly had called the Forest game off days previous.  

Kids reading the team out kills an atmosphere – Whilst this is a ‘nice’ idea, in reality it should be kept for low level opponents or avoided completely. I still cringe now at the Forest game with the kids struggling to read our players names and the microphone cutting out and then failing completely. Cue 4000 Red dogs who should have been quaking in their boots, laughing their arse off.

Playing players out of position is bad – On occasion it has to be done but just because it works one game doesn’t make it a good idea.  Forest & Crawley away were stone cold examples of this, but there were plenty more. 

Game Management #2 – Enough’s been written about our weakness for late goals but it’s such a key thing to fix this year, it has to be mentioned. Birmingham suggested we’re getting the idea. 

Clough isn’t getting sacked – I am not sure if any manager at any of the other 71 football league clubs would have survived such a horrific run of form as we had last season. I’m not saying Clough will get a new contract if we fall short again, but it’s pointless ringing Radio Derby ranting (like some moron I heard the other night) before the season’s all but done. So you might as well use your energy to get behind the new team & see where it takes us. 

Don’t get played by other clubs – Derby County are one of the biggest clubs in English football and we should not get played by anybody in the transfer market. If we can’t get a player when we want him, move on.

Don’t underestimate League 2 opposition after a barnstorming first day win – I guess I’ll file this one for next years list.


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  1. I know it’s still “early days” but having been to both the Brum and Watford games, I can see some encouraging signs. “Game management” and the ability to grind out a result when not playing well is certainly something that appears to be different this year. I think we could quite possibly have lost both games to late goals if we’d carried on like last year.
    There also seems to be a great team spirit, at least for the time being. I think we’ve got to give Clough a lot of credit for this. The lads seem to be prepared to work their socks off for each other, particularly Crofty who has been a revelation as far as I’m concerned.
    Shackell has been immense so far and I can see Bryson getting used to the Championship already. The one glaring weak spot for me is Kilbane. Can’t pass, poor in the tackle and looks completely past it!
    Aside from that, reasons to be cheerful!

  2. ‘Take note whoever is looking at John Brayford’s current deal.’


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