New Season Barometer

So here we go again for another season of thrills and spills as we all, once again, throw our personal happiness and general well-being at the mercy of Derby County F.C.

As all regular readers will know a new season wouldn’t be a new season without a Ramspace Barometer so here’s one I wrote in the Cyprus sunshine last week.

Investment in the Team –   With 9 new signings at the time of writing, Tom Glick has made good on his promise to raise the bar this summer. Whether the new boys are any good remains to be seen, but if things don’t work out it will not be down to GSE this time.

A slightly better free transfer than George Boateng

Our Christmas Fixtures – Boxing Day Leeds at Home, New Years Eve West Ham at home. BOOM! This is why no one wants a winter break apart from you Sven.

Craig Bryson- Early shout from us to be a top signing. However I have to express disappointment that he seems to have toned down his Irvine Welshesque tweets since he came South. Just tell Matt McCann to “git tae fuck, big mon”.

Purple Away Kit –  After recovering from 10 minutes of extreme anxiety that we had a Chelsea home,  away kit, I adjusted my eyesight and am loving this new Fiorentina away kit. Best one for a while.

Chris Riggott – Can’t wait for the moment when he makes his Pride Park bow. Awesome player who loves the club through and through. Really hope he can get fit and firing.

Director of Football – I thought this was an absolutely great shout and was enthused by Tom Glick’s “quality of applicant” interviews. So where the fuck is he?

Guy Moussi – His people take our clubs name in vain to score a better contract with the Red Dogs, then the tosser has the audacity to publicly state he could never sign for Derby. Lets hope we get to show him the error of his ways over the next 9 months.

Bye my foxy friends. Sorry about the administration, is very bad.

Moaning Rams Fans – “Where’s out big name striker?”, “Our signings are average”, “But have GSE really invested?”, “I can’t forgive Tyson” – Come on guys it’s a new season with 9 new signings, let’s get behind the new boys and see where it takes us.

Steve McClaren – “My most frustrating transfer window ever”. Clearly nobody wants to sign for Forest or their manager. I’ve written before that there’s no doubt Steve is an excellent coach, but it seems that the  Forest hierarchy may have seriously underestimated the feel bad factor surrounding their new manager. I bet Silly is laughing his (short) arse off.

Leicester City –  Should by rights walk the division, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if it all went tits up? Their wage bill must be off the scale, so failure is not an option. This club is built on sand and typifies all that is wrong with English football. It is every Championship clubs duty to make them fail.

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  1. You can add to the list “the ability to close a game out”. I can’t remember the last time I saw the Rams finish a game so well – no desperate defending and retreating back to the six yard box, just keeping the ball and working it into the opposition’s half. Plenty more of this should put a stop to the ridiculous amount of late goals we seem to concede.

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