New Boys – “Killer” Kilbane

As soon as I read that The Rams were signing Kevin Kilbane, there was only one candidate for the new boys article…for

Don't be fooled by the smile, the man's an assassin

those familiar with the Journals of Derventio, please enjoy the return of the Hull Fan At Work.

“A Hull Fan at work writes [and he slates Phil Brown for talking in the third person! s spaceram]…. When I heard Kevin Kilbane had signed for the Rams, I admit to being a bit surprised. Last season he went out to Huddersfield and did really well there, so I’d seen him doing something similar again – ‘good signing for aspirant league 1 team. Suit Sheffield United or similar’ sort of thing. So for someone who knows much more about these things than I do to give him a run in another Championship side, well, good look to the bloke.

Kev was a Phil Brown signing for us at the time that the Premiership Bandwagon wheels were coming off – signed for his experience, attitude and versatility. That’s fair enough, I wouldn’t fault him on any of those qualities beloved by so many managers (dare I say, so many struggling managers?) and for those qualities alone, he will be an asset. And he seems to be a genuine top bloke as well. However, you may have noticed that talent and ability don’t appear on the above list, and in many games for us he was a bit of a disappointment (not that many of his colleagues weren’t).

I think the difficulty lies in this versatility business – for us, he appeared at left back, left midfield, centre midfield and centre half. The trick will be to get him in athe position he can do best in , which for me would be centre half. He doesn’t have the pace for full back and in midfield, his passes don’t find the same colour shirt that often, but tackling, heading, running around are all ok. Strangely, my best memory of Killer (thus far – he might be back) was a cameo appearance as a left winger for the last 20 minutes at Leicester last season. He absolutely terrorised their right back (may have been Naughton – can’t remember) but hasn’t featured in that role since. The other interesting thing here is that if he’s being allowed to leave, then who’s coming in? The smart money is on Ayala, though he’s got a battle on to get in before Hobbs and Chester. Cheers, Kev. Good luck mate – I might even pop down from Ilkeston to see how you’re getting on……”

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