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Non League Day

This Saturday, September 3rd, is the second official Non League Day. In a nutshell – its an international weekend so why not go and support your local non-league side? International weekends can be boring at the best of times and watching a non-league match is a nice reminder of the good old days of football. Go with a few mates, walk around as you please and have a beer without having to neck it in five minutes. Read the rest of this entry


Post Match Thoughts – Burnley at Home

So the 100% starts gone and there’s no doubt that we missed a great opportunity to go into the break with 5 straight wins. So should we sack Clough? Should we organise a protest against GSE? Should we burn £2m on Martin Waghorn?

Probably Not.

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Occasional topical quiz #1

Written to provide some mild entertainment for those reading at work on a Friday, here’s a short topical quiz. Answers on the new quiz answers page on the top link bar. Read the rest of this entry

Where Did It All Go Right?

After Saturdays comprehensive and utterly professional victory over Donny, even the most negative of Rams fans are starting to think that after 2 1/2 years of trying, Nigel might finally be on to something.

Obviously it’s still very early days, but there is a definite different feel about this Rams team, which gives the impression we wont be rolling over for anyone, anytime soon. So what’s changed?

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Things To Learn From Last Season

With only two games gone & so many injuries, we’ll hold fire for the time being on any major comment on the new look Rams.

We’re still very much in positive new season mode, so herewith part 2 of an occasional series snappily entitled “articles I wrote whilst securing sunbeds  in Cyprus” . Herewith some things to learn last season. Read the rest of this entry

New Season Barometer

So here we go again for another season of thrills and spills as we all, once again, throw our personal happiness and general well-being at the mercy of Derby County F.C.

As all regular readers will know a new season wouldn’t be a new season without a Ramspace Barometer so here’s one I wrote in the Cyprus sunshine last week.

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Ramspace Fantasy Footy League

For the past couple of years I’ve been involved in a highly competitive fantasy footy league at work, based on the official Premier League game.

This is a great game, is free and really easy to play, so I thought I’d set up a Ramspace league for DCFC fans. You can sign up here – and you can join our league with this code – 902374-230690

If we get enough people I might even introduce some prizes. Get involved!

New Boys – “Killer” Kilbane

As soon as I read that The Rams were signing Kevin Kilbane, there was only one candidate for the new boys article…for

Don't be fooled by the smile, the man's an assassin

those familiar with the Journals of Derventio, please enjoy the return of the Hull Fan At Work. Read the rest of this entry