Top 8 or not Top 8 – Poll

I had a few comments, on and off-line, after the last entry which ended with a prediction that the Rams could look forward to a top eight finish this season. I can’t say that pre-season results since have done anything to make this seem more likely, including today’s defeat by Exeter. I was going to do a “cup-half-full or half-empty” style article outlining the reasons to be positive or otherwise, followed by a poll on where we’ll finish. However, who wants to read any negativity at this stage of the season? Certainly not us. So here is how we’ll finish top eight…followed by the poll. 

The way things are looking, the Rams will have a mediocre start. It will take a while before we’re nearing a fit squad (meaning match-fit and not just being on the pitch), whilst Clough will continue to add to the squad during August and the team will take time to gel. During September, Barker and Shackell are making us more solid and Clough has got a decent idea of his best team, with squad depth enabling to pick a horses-for-courses team when required.

As Christmas approaches, the Rams are well into a Silly-style “1 defeat in 12” run and are nestled nicely in the top ten. A familiar pattern begins to emerge where Chris Riggott joins the fray on 70 minutes, making it nigh on impossible for opponents to equalise or score the winner against the newly solid Rams, whilst Tyson (and at times Robinson) exploit the acres of space awarded to them.

As the fixtures begin to pile up, Green and Addison return to boost the Rams squad. The Rams are now well in the mix and the fight for play-off places begins. Whereabouts in the top 8 do The Rams finish? My Crystal Ball ran out of batteries at this point. Convinced? Vote below and comment…


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  1. John Hernandez

    I voted mid-table, Realistically this is a very hard league to predict anything, if a club starts well and amasses the points its hard to catch up to them. Ithink its important to start off well.
    Talks cheap-so how good are we with finances ( to buy a couple of good established injury free players?) What is our goal? Premiership or build towards it? Do we really aspire to be the big club we are and stay in the Premiership when in that league?
    Its a hard long season GO EWE RAMS

  2. Be nice to think you might be right…but the fact is our signings are mediocre whilst those around us are piling on the quality to try and break out of the division. We will just about avoid the drop again…but the owners will be happy enough to cut their debts and take take their dividends…so that’s alright then!

    • One thing I’m not sure about is how good the division will be. Each year seems to follow the same pattern: the division looks tough but only a couple of teams pull away whilst the rest form a pack, which usually includes a few wildcards and excludes some of the big spenders (e.g. last year Norwich surprised everyone whilst ‘Boro bombed). It looks like West Ham and Leicester will be up there but looking at last seasons top half, I’m not convinced: Cardiff have signed a few but lost half their team; Leeds and Forest have lost players and been slow to replace; Reading have sold their captain but not splashed out the takings yet. I think there’s lots of teams at a similar level – whether we’re one of them remains to be seen!

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