Dicko on the move again…and again

It wouldn’t be summer if ex-Ram Liam Dickinson wasn’t signing for a new club and no sooner had I seen a swallow than Barnsley had released Dicko, despite him still having a year on his contract left. Funnily enough, the manager who decided to shred his contract was Keith Hill, the same manager who had him on loan at Rochdale last season – must have made a good impression then. Nothing to report, I thought, until I saw Sky Sports News today…

The headline reported that Dickinson had bee released by Plymouth after only just signing the contract. Plymouth was his ninth club since leaving the Rams, comfortably out-journeying the likes of The Duke and Jordan Stewart (both of whom we might see next season). You could speculate all day about why Dicko keeps getting asked to move on but it would probably be libelous (as my brothers theory was). However, the real twist in the plot was (now Plymouth chairman) Peter Risdale’s comments:

“Regrettably, we have agreed to a request from Liam to be released. We fully understand the reasons why, Liam has been a thorough professional in the short time he has been with us, and we hope that things will work out for him”

Several words that we haven’t seen in the same sentence before.


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  1. Mark Bembridge

    I saw this comment and immediately texted my mate. What exactly is wrong with him!?!?! We never really got to see him but his goals per games ratio always seemed quite good.

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