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Top 8 or not Top 8 – Poll

I had a few comments, on and off-line, after the last entry which ended with a prediction that the Rams could look forward to a top eight finish this season. I can’t say that pre-season results since have done anything to make this seem more likely, including today’s defeat by Exeter. I was going to do a “cup-half-full or half-empty” style article outlining the reasons to be positive or otherwise, followed by a poll on where we’ll finish. However, who wants to read any negativity at this stage of the season? Certainly not us. So here is how we’ll finish top eight…followed by the poll.  Read the rest of this entry


Season Preview for the Guardian

We were asked to provide 150-200 words for The Guardian’s Football League preview. Here’s what we wrote with a few extra thoughts on the end:

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Thoughts on the week

I had a couple of ideas for articles this week – Lee Croft, Forest’s new boys, Danny Blanchett, squad sizes – but all bits

"I'm knackered, I need to sit down for a year"

and pieces, nothing that would have made a great read on its own. Instead, here are some of the things we have been talking about this week:

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We’ve Got The Decorators In

Just a quick note to say we are looking at refreshing the look and feel of Ramspace over  the next few days.

Apologies if you experience any loss of functionality or it just looks a bit weird for a bit.

Normal service should be resumed by the weekend.

Ben Davies Free Kick at Burton

Great video of Ben Davies free kick at Burton, if you haven’t seen it yet.

More please Ben.


Dicko on the move again…and again

It wouldn’t be summer if ex-Ram Liam Dickinson wasn’t signing for a new club and no sooner had I seen a swallow than Barnsley had released Dicko, despite him still having a year on his contract left. Funnily enough, the manager who decided to shred his contract was Keith Hill, the same manager who had him on loan at Rochdale last season – must have made a good impression then. Nothing to report, I thought, until I saw Sky Sports News today… Read the rest of this entry

The Curious Case of Luke Varney

The transfer of Luke Varney to Portsmouth last week concluded one of the strangest tenure’s any player has had at Derby County in some time.  With no shortage of competition for that mantle,  here’s what I mean by that statement.

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World Soccer – DCFC season preview

As a quick post, herewith a sneak preview of our unedited contribution to next months World Soccer magazine, season preview supplement.

Just to be clear, the questions are generic and the idea is that you answer in around two sentences. Thus there’s not too much scope to wax lyrical.

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