New Boys – Jason Shackell – Part 1

So after weeks of speculation Jason Shackell is now finally on board. On the basis that a £1m player is a big thing for DCFC nowadays, we thought we’d better do some top level due diligence. Herewith Part 1 of our usual New Boys stuff for Jason.

Jason Shackell- First of all you are getting a VERY VERY good defender. The guy oozes quality, calmness and confidence and farely puts a foot wrong. He’s a defender in the Rio Ferdinand mould, and instead of just hoofing the ball into Row Z, he attempts to bring the ball out of defence and start an attack. He also looks pretty unbeatable in the air too but again rarely wastes a header. It’s never just a simple “anywhere will do clearance”, he manages to arch his neck to direct the ball where he wants it to go. He is also a fine reader of a tackle and he saved us countless goals last season by making some breathtaking last ditch challenges.
Overall, Derby County FC have got themselves a superb defender- certainly in the top three defenders in this division, and he will be sorely missed at Oakwell.
Rob Miles


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  1. Kennington Ram

    Thanks for this, sounds like he’ll compliment Barker perfectly. We now have the best back 5 i can remember the Rams having in years and years. Do you think we’ll be back in for Ayala for another season (especially as Leacock looks to be on his way out if anyone will have him and Addison will be going out on loan)

    I’ve posted the words up on with a link back, hope you don’t mind chief.

    • Hope barker and shackell gel quickly – but every team needs their luck with injuries; hell we know that as well as anyone.
      Picking up on your points though, if leacock and addison depart permanently or otherwise, that would leave us threadbare in reserves Don’t you think? Jury is out on whether Anderson can play a full season and i’m not sure we’re adequately covered at either full-back? green is a little way off being fit I understand…

      • I think we can forget Leacock, but Anderson and Bucko (remember him?) are adequate short term replacements. I agree we look short (no offence Robbo) at left back and I still think a target man wouldnt go amiss.

    • I’d rather you just posted the links instead of the words going forward, but you know us, we’re pretty laid back about that sort of stuff. Ask Steve Nicholson!

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