Latest Rams News – General Commentary

Although, we are now less than a month from pre-season training there has hardly been a single day this summer break, where there’s not been some form of Rams related news or development.  

Without doubt this has reached a crescendo over the last couple of weeks so, whilst all or most of these could have been articles in their own right, herewith some thoughts on recent events.

Billy leaves Forest – I think this has been pretty much inevitable for weeks, more from what Forest weren’t saying as opposed to what they were. Whilst I would have loved to have seen Billy crash and burn with whats left of the Forest squad this year, overall the combination of him and Forest was an alliance of evil that was almost too much to bear. It’s a nice feeling to know he failed and we can now sit back and enjoy the inevitable snidey, anti Forest comments he’ll be making in the next few weeks! We wish the twat all the bad luck in the world.

Nathan Tyson – As far-fetched as this signing seemed when it was first rumoured, the story has been around so long it was obvious there was some truth in it. Personally, I’m behind any new Rams player 100%, but accept this is a tough one for a lot of people. 

Whilst Glick’s PR around the deal has been almost faultless, the key here is that he gets a good start. If he doesn’t, certain sections of our fans will be all over him, Clough will get defensive and it won’t be very nice. However if he can bang a few goals in early, you’ll find those self same fans will actually love the fact that he’s come from Forest, similar to how were with Commons and they are with Camp. Either way, no doubt it’s a brave move with high stakes. 

New Kit – S’alright. As I’ve written before, I love adidas gear generally but 5 years and  10 new kits, plus keeper and 3rd kits is a lot. I’m looking forward to something new next year.       

Steve McClaren – In many ways you couldn’t have a more contrasting Forest manager to Silly than McClaren. I think up to around a week ago, most Derby fans would have liked to have seen Steve get a job back in England and do well. He’s clearly a very talented coach and, in my opinion, has been harshly treated by the UK press. Having said that, he did let down the entire country, left Boro in a state of turmoil, won one of the weakest leagues in Europe then turned the Bundeslige champions into near relegation fodder, selling and alienating the majority of their star players in the process. Lets hope his Forest tenure is more Wolfsburg than Twente.

Miles to Barnsley – If, as seems likely, Miles moves to Barnsley on loan as part of the Shackell deal this could be one of our best moves of the summer. When fit and firing, Miles is an awesomly, powerful player who still has potential to be massive for DCFC. Obviously de-railed by hs foot injury (and rumoured disagreements with Clough), 6 months of first team Championship football is just what the doctor ordered. Imagine if we’re top 8 in January and we get a fit and fired up Miles back in the squad? It’s also nice to see us using other team to get our players fit as opposed to us being the rehab unit for everyone else.

Birmingham at home – Bring. It. On.


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