New Boys – Chris Maguire

All things being equal, Chris Maguire should be announced as DCFC’s next summer signing tomorrow (Tuesday 31st May). Taking a slight flier and showing some crazy faith in Tom Glicks ability to close, here’s the lowdown on our new boy from his former club.

Chris Maguire is known for three things:

1. Scoring a goal from the halfway line during a Scotland Under-21 Euro qualifier at Easter Road (YouTube “Chris Maguire Scotland” if you’ve not seen it).

2. Nobody ever gets his name right – fans forums, newspapers and even television have misspelt his name, usually “McGuire”, sometime “McQuire” and even, on more than one occasion in local and national newspapers, “Phil McGuire”. His name has not been knowingly misspelt on the radio.

3. He wrote anti-Rangers messages on a low-rent social network, earning him the Aberdeen support’s respect and the nickname “Bebo”.

Chris has done much more than that of course – he scored on his debut for Aberdeen against Kilmarnock, has steadily improved year-on-year for the Dons to the extent that last season he was one of our best players. He was certainly one of only two players in Red who was confident, direct and skilful enough to make the fans genuinely excited when he got hold of the ball, and this was backed up by the stats – 12 goals and 9 assists means that Maguire was directly or indirectly involved in around half of Aberdeen’s goals in season

Although the fans have become more… er… ‘critical’ in recent months, as it became clear that he wanted to leave Pittodrie, there have been some long-term question marks about Bebo. The most obvious is that he is not the most clinical finisher or an instinctive
penalty-box striker, which has led to a succession of Aberdeen managers playing him either wide on the right or behind the main striker. While his workrate and attitude cannot legitimately be faulted, he is not the fastest and his crossing isn’t brilliant, so
when he’s played as a bona fide winger it makes him look a poorer player than he is.

However, there is no doubt that he is improving all the time and the fact that he has been drafted into the Scotland squad this year shows how highly he is regarded. Plus most fair-minded Aberdeen fans are very disappointed that he has decided to leave and express doubts that the club will be able to replace him with the meagre money they have
to spend. There is certainly no doubt that, in today’s market, for under £400k compensation Derby are getting a bargain.

Craig Stewart

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