After a disappointing season, sometimes the only salvation is other peoples misery. Or more specifically, that of another club. Even more specifically – Forest. I’m sure they will sneer at us, given the league positions. But did they hold back when we were in the Prem and they were in League 1? Judging by the number of hits on the site after the Red Dogs most recent debacle, I’m guessing that some comment wouldn’t go amiss. See here goes. Some comments and observations in no particular order…

  • After failing to break down Swansea’s ten-men in the first leg, Silly made a big deal about how difficult it was to play against 10 saying “it helped them more than us”. Evidently, Leeds didn’t have the same issues when they caned Forest 4-1 after Chris Cohen’s sending off. Funnily enough, Davies’ post-match comments that day failed to mention the benefits of having ten men.
  • Before the return leg, Billy got his excuses in early as usual by saying that teams had spent millions more than Forest. Really? In both legs, Forest had at least two £1m+ players on the bench. How many teams can say that? Not to mention maxing-out Doughty’s credit card on wages for Boyd and Konchesky. Meanwhile, Stephen Dobbie arrived on a free from Queen of the South.
  • Silly and his PR machine blamed bad luck for the defeat at the Liberty but did he really help himself? Needing to score at least one, Davies left his two goalscorers on the bench. When McGoal-drought’s shanked effort clipped the bar on the way to row Z, you have to ask yourself: would Boyd or Earnshaw have suffered the same “bad luck?” Tyson and Tuggy were preferred to implement a pressing game, yet Swansea had up to 70% possession. Nevermind, you can always change it at half-time can’t you? Or you could leave it until 78 minutes until both Boyd

    "Don't worry boss, still time for another goal"

    and Earnshaw are on. Three minutes later, Forest scored – too little, too late.

  • On the subject of “bad luck” (penalty appeals and missed chances), lets not forget that Angel and Pratley missed sitters, whilst Morgan blatantly took the man first when tackling Borini in the second half.
  • Watching the game at a mate’s house, at 2-0 I said “the cherry on the cake would be for Camp make a howler”. His premature glory dash effectively killed injury time and was simply hilarious.
  • There were lots of amusing comments on the Notts Post comments section. Here’s one to bring a smile to your face:

From the makers of ‘The Damned Sheffield United’ …. ‘AmityYeovil Horror’ and ‘Blackpool Hawk Down’… Play Off Productions proudly present their latest tragic comedy:
‘Swan Flew Into The Keepers Net’.

Starring Billy ‘Our Time’ Davies…

Luke ‘Nutmegs’ Chambers….

Leading lady Chris ‘Moans like a Girl’ Cohen…

Special comedy cameo from Lee ‘Calamity’ Camp…

It might win an Oscar but it definitely won’t win promotion.

(I’d like to credit the author but he’d signed himself Steven Spielberg)

  • Finally, another good point was that Davies now needs Forest more than they need him. This time last year, his stock was high and the Rangers, Celtic and Scotland jobs were all up for grabs at various times. This year, he’s taken his team backwards, whilst spending the last year whingeing and slagging of his board. Not a great catch.

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  1. Spot on. It was immediately obvious from Davies post-match interview where he quickly affirmed his commitment to the club – but couched it in the terms that he had an “agreement with the board for 3 years”…

    Effectively saying “please don’t sack me”

    • This time last year, his talk was all about meeting with his lawyer to “evaluate his options”. This year, its just about making sure he gets another years salary – whether it be a lump sum or not!

  2. After another poor season (especially the defeats to Forest) how good was it to go into work on Tuesday?! My workplace is 50/50 between Rams and Red Dogs – the silence from the Reds was golden, and the Black ‘n’ White army were beaming with smiles! Premier League? You’re having a laugh!

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