Rams End of Season Barometer

So Billy’s fell at the final hurdle yet again and the season is finally over for the Rams.

Before we get too far into the summer and the revolving doors get into full swing, here’s a brief personal summary of this season’s highs and lows.

Champagne Supernova Football – It’s almost inexplicable to consider that the football we played in October and November was almost the same team who limped through the rest of the season. However there’s no doubt for a spell there we played some of the best football we’ve seen the Rams play for years. The first half away at Donny was my personal highpoint and as good as any Derby performance I’ve ever seen.

Brayford and Bailey – A brilliant double swoop by Clough with both players establishing themselves as first team players and crowd favourites. Brayford has fully deserved all his accolades over the last few weeks. However if you want to know when the wheels came off, it was nothing to do with Fielding, Kuqi or the utilisation of Bueno; it was when Bails got poorly. Without his accurate quick forward passing, our front 3 lost their supply line and the Rams season fell apart.  

The Reserves – When I was a kid we used to do loads of reserve games at the BBG. The attraction got lost when the old Central league got regionalised (no more Man Utd and Liverpool), we moved to Pride Park (no more half time walks to the Chippy) and ultimately when we disbanded the reserves. This year we’ve done several games between us and it’s glorious. Close to the action, social club bars and loads of scouts & managers floating around. Get involved!

Rams Chanting – I’m not personally a massive singer but we’ve commented for years on how predictable and repetitive our songs are. Not any more. From nowhere we seem to have acquired a massive new canon of chants which make every away game a non stop carnival. Regardless of how it came about (I don’t know by the way), the all new North stand singers have also added a new dimension to home games.  

Swansea at Home – Why this was by no means my favourite win of the season (overall I’d say that was Leeds at home), this was definitely the game that saved our bacon. Off the back of the Boro game (see below) even the most blind faith Rams fan feared the worst. From nowhere we pulled this one out the bag and gave us the belief that the game wasn’t up.

Crawley and last minute goals – It’s almost too obvious to lament the amount of gut wrenching late goals we conceded but this reached its nadir with regard to the Crawley game. My TV has never been closer to getting smashed than when their arrogant, smug, fat twat of a manager was doing his post match interview and started referencing Silly.    

Cwykagate – Clough’s had plenty of reason to lose his cool in post match interviews this season, but this was definitely his low point. There was simply no need for the personal nature of the attack and the fact it was on Cwyka made it worse. Rams fans across the board were outraged & the reception given to Tomasz in the subsequent home game was a great moment.

January Transfer Window and the Connor Sammon fiasco – Never did the anti GSE feeling get so intense than around the end of the January transfer window. Commons had gone and our failed, bumbling attempts to sign Waghorn (led on by Sven) and Sammon (gazumped by Wigan for the sake of a £150kish), left Rams fans across the board frustrated, angry & concerned about the senior exec management of our club.   

Boro Away – This was the one moment in the season where I really though we were going down. Boro were shite and we should have hammered them. We had no luck at all and then conceded two late goals, both massive deflections, and the whole thing just stank of relegation.    

Stephen Bywater – Whether it was his ludicrous art display (alleged by some to be part of an argument with his neighbours), his average to shit goalkeeping or his scandalous, thinly veiled Twitter attacks on Clough (and by association his employers), Bywater was a disgrace & embarrassment to our club. Rat out indeed.


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  1. With the mention of Donny and ‘Boro away, I’d like to add “midweek away games” to the plus side of the barometer. Far more family-friendly than losing your whole Saturday travelling, I’ve probably done more Tuesday, than Saturday aways in the past two seasons.

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