Squad for next season…so far

When talking about Callum Ball and Jeff Hendrick earlier this week, Clough spoke of assembling a squad of “22 or 23” for next season, of which they would be part. After scribbling a few names down, this is where I reckon we are:

The first thing to do was look at those who would be going from the current squad. Based on contracts and current pecking order I would say the following will be leaving: Savage, Ayala, Bueno, Croft, Leacock, Martin, Bywater, Porter, Varney.  There may be the odd survivor due to being under contract but its unlikley.

Which leaves us with the following:

Goalkeepers: Fielding, Deeney, Atkins,

Defenders: Brayford, Roberts, Barker, Anderson, Buxton,

Midfielders: Pearson, Green, Bailey, Ben Davies, Addison, Pringle, Hendrick

Forwards: Steven Davies, Ball, Cywka, Doyle, Robinson, Ward

Total players: 21

What does this tell us? The first thing is that we have far fewer defenders than I realised! The obvious thing to me though is that we need a spine for the team: very good central defender, central midfielder, centre forward. No surprises there, Clough and Glick have already said as much. What else? Well, after this season I think two young full-backs wouldn’t go amiss either as our cover this season has been exposed a few times. Other than that, lots of potential but definitely in need of some big players. We await the new signings with baited breath…


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  1. I agree with the list of players likely to leave, but I think it’ll be harder to shift some more than others, especially if they have time left (a year) on their contracts. Few of them will command fees either.

    The squad needs bolstering on two levels; firstly, to bring numbers up to provide cover; and secondly, an additional injection of quality on top of that.

    Enjoy visiting this website and reading the articles, often well-written and incisive.

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