Post Match Thoughts – Coventry

Due to some pretty severe work commitments and a, relative, dearth of activity at Pride Park, updates have been a bit slow of late. However herewith a few comments on Saturdays draw with Cov.

  •  Twitter followers will know it was my birthday on Saturday. The game doesn’t half fly by after a “few” pre match scoops! More positively, it was also significantly easier than it would have been to swerve the explanation of the word ‘rapist’ to my son!
  • Overall we were really poor and its a good job we are so close to the end of the season. Players are either injured (Barks), leaving (Sav, Leacock, Ayala, Bueno) or just not very good (Jones, Ben & Steve Davies). It’s not a good cocktail and the sooner this season limps to a close the better.
  • Exceptions were Brayford (nailed on player of the year), Jamie Ward (good skill, good passion and the only player on our side who looked like he wanted to win) And James Bailey.
  • There’s been loads of talk and writing about where it all went wrong this season and everyone always points to Fielding, Kuqi, the form of Commons and the utilisation of Bueno. To my mind it was never the same from the point Bails got ill. Without him giving the ball to our “front 3” a key part of the machine was lost and the wheels came off. As my friend Simon rightly pointed out on Saturday “he’s the only midfielder who passes the ball forwards”. It’s great to see him back.
  • Coming back from 0-2 down is not something you’d expect this Rams team to do, so I suppose we should be grateful it wasn’t worse. But we better do a lot better on Tuesday or we will get majorly smashed up by Leeds.


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