Late Pain, No Gain, Again……

As the Rams edge closer to Championship safety and yet another summer of rebuilding, I am sure Nigel is already well on the way to building a list of things which need to change next season.

Pretty high on that list (I’ll accept signing Fielding being higher & maybe a £1m striker but nothing else) needs to be an end to this never ending stream of crushing late goals.

Of course I’m not telling you anything you don’t know here, but the sheer regularity of these last minute nightmares is getting beyond a joke.

I’ve just done a very rough cut calculation and I think if all our games had ended on 80 minutes we’d be 9 points better off (not to mention a shot at Torquay/Man Utd in the FA Cup). If you wind that back to 75, you can add at least another 4 points which would put us level with Burnley and Reading in 7th place! 

Including Crawley, we’ve conceded 12 goals after 80 minutes, whilst scoring just 4 ourselves (none of which we’re meaningful from memory). 

Obviously this is a simplistic statistic and you are always clearly going to concede some late goals. But with the close margins that dictate the outcome of every Championship game, we need to reverse that stat next season if we are going to get anywhere.

One final point – I didn’t go to Palace on Saturday but Radio Derby’s “Stonewall Penalty”, looked like a blatant dive to me on TV.



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  1. I thought that would be an interesting fact. It does show that in the main, its small margins that are doing us. Of course, everyone concedes late goals sometimes but we haven’t balanced this out with late winners (or equalisers).
    It also shows that, with some obvious exceptions, we have been in most games for long periods. Listening to Radio D, you’d think we get battered every week but that just isn’t the case.
    When you hear that booting it in the corners is the main tactic for protecting a lead, perhaps a book on “game management” techniques might be a useful addition in the summer!

  2. The tactics seem clearly to blame here. Whenever we have the lead towards the end all the attacking players get hauled off, we sink further and further back into our own half and just invite them to score. And your stats show it’s clearly not working. Why not just carry on playing in the way that earned the lead in the first place?

  3. A book? Not sure footballers can read books! Don’t think Gary Crosby can read either so best get one of the other coaches to read the material first.

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