Post Match Thoughts – Swansea

I’m not sure if it’s an indicator of the crazy world of DCFC or the bonkers nature of the Championship, but somehow in 4 days we’ve gone from looking racing certs to go down to, almost (whisper it), being guaranteed Championship football next season.

Here’s my post match thoughts on yesterdays amazing victory.

  • I wrote after the Boro game we had no luck, but didn’t do anything to earn any. Against Swansea we had several lucky breaks (the first goal and two solid rattles of our bar for starters) but more than earned them with the type of 110%, gutsy display we didn’t think this team was capable of.
  • Every player contributed and was effective in their own way but special praise must be given to Ayala and Barker who were biblical at the back and Alberto Bueno. Alberto’s display was full of endeavour and skill making a mockery of his exclusion over the last few weeks. Whilst he’s here, we must play him because he makes a massive difference to our attacking play.
  • He’s been caned constantly in the last few months for his tactics, so credit where its due to Clough for picking the right game to go back to 4-2-3-1 and picking an offensive team. Why he didn’t do this about 6 weeks ago is a question fo another day. 
  • More fair play to Clough for completely excluding the two players (Ports and Ben Davies) who gifted the goals at Boro. No favouritism there and no radio assassination, just a straight axe.
  • Steve Davies is better than Luke Moore. Fact.
  • Theo’s miss was horrendous and his confidence was clearly shot from there. I hope he can grab a goal soon to get the fans back onside, because he could be a good impact player for us next season if he doesn’t become a boo boy first!   

Although our run in still looks tough, Saturday proves we can still beat anyone at home on our day (Swansea were easily the best team we’ve played since Leicester). With the results going our way, even 1 win in our last 9 games means Scunny or Sheff Utd will need to win 4 out of their remaining games to catch us. we’re not safe yet but it looks a damn sight better than it did at 10pm on Tuesday.



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  1. Good summary of the match, and a nice little point evaluation at the end to calm the nerves.

    To add to this, I thought Steve Davies was immense all game and looked like the sharp handful of a player we were always promised. Still not completely match fit, but looked miles better than the leggy, bizarrely slow player we saw just a few games ago. He made two very good centre halves look very unsure of themselves, and fashioned some excellent chances with his neat, improving footwork.

    Bueno was clearly out of practice but ran the show up front, being the fulcrum of most of our breaks and keeping the pressure off the defence. A special mention should go to Conor Doyle as well, who did a very tidy job on the right; he cleared the ball when he needed, did his defensive duties and could have potentially bagged one if Theo had decided to pass to him in the six yard box instead of trying to redeem himself with his comedy army-of-one attempt on goal.

    • Cheers Ben. Good point about Doyle who I thought played with an impressive maturity. If some of his senior colleagues had the ability to use the ball as intelligently as him in the closing minutes, we’d be about 8 points better off.

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