From Despair to Where?

Regular readers will know that we operate a general policy of positivity on ramspace.

Indeed amongst the tirade of shite that’s been written about the Rams this season, we’ve often felt like an island of reasoned opinion. However after Tuesdays devastating defeat to Middlesbrough, I’m starting to think that the games up.

It’s not that we played particularly badly (compared to anything else recently) at Boro, it’s certainly not because we were in any way outclassed by the awful opposition and it’s definitely not because of the outrageously negative coverage of the game by Radio Derby.

It’s just that the whole nature of the defeat reeked of relegation. The majority of teams in the Championship would have buried Boro in the first half but we just didn’t threaten, despite spending most of the half in their half.  The two big calls in the game went against us and both Boro goals went in after A) we gifted the ball away (Porter then Ben Davies) and B) heavy re-direction off a Derby boot into or net. In short nothing went right and it was a very cruel defeat but equally we didnt do enough to influence it either.  

Its been said that our away form may keep us up. However with games coming against Palace (unbeaten at home in 10), Cardiff, QPR, Norwich and Reading that looks a big ask. We all know about the home form so games against Promotion chasing Swansea, Leeds and resurgent Burnley is the last thing we need. Only Coventry and Bristol City at home look good, but then so did Ipswich, Hull, Donny and Barnsley.

If we are to survive we need to pull something out the bag, big time, pretty soon. The return of Bailey will help as we are painfully short of any intelligent passing ability at the moment but it will take a massive turnaround in form and confidence to secure the 3 wins we need from the games we have left.

Maybe I’m still down from Boro and I’ll obviously be behind the lads all the way to the last whistle, but I’m really starting to think we might have to get worse to get better.


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  1. Almost looking forward to playing Chesterfield already!

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