Square Pegs in Square Holes – Please.

Nigel has often spoken this season about positive team selections (which is ironic because most of the tactics and team selection since Christmas has made me want to kill myself). However if ever there was a day to be brave, this is it. Here’s my team for today:-


John Brayford is the best attacking right back in the league, so lets play him right back. Pearo is the only vaguely defensive left footer left (assuming Robbo is injured) so he get my nod for left back. Another option is to put Ayala there but we need his distribution from centre half.

In Midfield, we need to get on the front foot, so lets keep Miles in the can for Boro on Tuesday where we will need him and restore Bueno. I think we need to lose the wingers and we can start to get the best out of Greeny (currently in a horrendous run of form) and Ben Davies (who is surely going to score soon).

Up front its a no brainer. Lets get Ward back in the middle with Theo and with Bueno providing the bullets that should spell chances and hopefully goals.

We are  Derby, this is Barnsley at home for heaven’s sake. Lets forget all that’s gone before, get on the front foot and  batter them!


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  1. Kennington Ram

    Good team selection, if you could get Bailey back fit in the midfield three we’d be in business with that team. Not going to happen though, depressingly. How our best player (Bueno) can be deemed surplus to requirements cos we’re not playing well enough is beyond me.

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