Smiths Top 10

There’s only so much to say after another uninspiring performance, so here’s something a bit different. An article like we used to write. A top 10 of Smiths songs with Rams  interpretations. We’re not massive Smiths fans, its just that they have the best titles and its our surname:

  1. Ask“Ask me I can’t say no, how could I?” A million pound striker please Tom.
  2. I know it’s over – Stephen “out for several weeks” Bywater starts for Cardiff today.
  3. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before – RamsTrust press releases, Gadsby bids, it like watching I Love 2006. Just imagine, in just 18 months we could be the worst team ever again.
  4. I started something I couldn’t finish – The last attempt at local ownership.

    This is our new single - it's called "Pearo is an athlete, not a footballer"

  5. Still Ill – Dean Leacock. Off work for two weeks with an illness. Must be more than a cold.
  6. The Boy with a thorn in his side – We need to get Bueno off the bench and on the pitch.
  7. William, it was really nothing – Forest’s unbeaten home record (which always forgets the Blackpool game) comes to end, ready for Billy’s annual spring choke. Problem is, everyone else is bottling it too!
  8. Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me – Clough’s popularity not exactly at an all time high.
  9. These things take time – The board have a plan and to be fair, have stuck at it for longer than anyone I can ever remember saying “we have a long term plan”.
  10. There is a light that never goes out – Home crowds are down but the hardcore are digging in with away attendances higher than they’ve been all season. Are we chucking our tickets on the pitch? No, we’re going to ‘Boro on Tuesday night.

(Ones that were too obvious – Panic, Heaven knows I’m miserable now, Bigmouth strikes again. Insert your own punchlines)

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  1. Sometimes I really do worry about you pair – are you sure this isn’t a Smith’s fixation?

    Anyways, this will cheer you up – we have a goalkeeper crisis but rather than recall Duke, we’ve gone for Guzan again. Confidence, eh?
    Still, the Duke is a Top Bloke, and the main reason I do stuff for the Everyman Cancer people.

    I’m assuming you were suitably impressed by us removing the millstone from around the Red Dogs necks. Funny how they seemed to take it without much of a response. Maybe they couldn’t wait to get home and work on a list of ‘Smith’s songs with Forest interpretations’…………..:-)

    • Judging by how many fans you said Hull took, I think the “response” was not to turn up at all. About 5,000 less home fans than we had against Barnsley. For saying the Dogs home form and league position (by any standards but certainly relative to us), I thought they might show some passion.
      I’m a bit worried about the way you pre-fixed Duke with “The” – brings back bad memories. I’m leaving for Boro now – see you soon.

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