A win at last – what now?

Before Saturday, Robbie Savage claimed we needed 4 wins to guarantee Championship football for next season. We didn’t think we’d be talking like this a couple of months ago. For me, the target is to get some wins quickly and salvage something from this year. But what?

With one of the wins already in the bag and two winnable home games coming up, I reckon we should be targeting 6 points from the next week – not four as we’d probably take. There isn’t a full programme on Tuesday so the Doncaster game is a “free hit” in terms of getting points and climbing the table. A decent win could see us up to 14th. Despite the relegation talk of late, don’t forget the original plan was to finish higher than last season i.e. 14th, whilst also sorting the squad out. Getting points on the board would allow us to do the following over the next three months:

  • Barker can have his knee op sooner rather than later. Despite his tremendous efforts, its often been said that he’s barely trained all season. He’ll be captain next year and needs to be fully fit.
  • Savage can gradually and gracefully retire. We need him at the moment and despite his critics, his effort never wanes. However, allowing Addison and Bailey plenty of games together can only help us for next season.
  • Frank Fielding can have a decent run. If he performs, our goalkeeping dilemma should solve itself.
  • Bueno can get involved again. I know he’s on loan so it has no bearing on next season but it would be great to get back to playing attractive football rather than trying to grind out points as we have recently.
  • Young players can be get some games. Pringle has come in for stick recently but Crawley and Leicester were two awful games to play in. Doyle would also benefit from some pressure-off end of season football. With Ball, Hendrick and O’Brien all turning pro next year, I’m sure Clough would also love to blood them before the last ten minutes of the season.

So for me, the target now is to finish above 14th with a young streamlined team, needing a couple of additions before the next campaign. I’m sure Clough will say that was always the plan. First though, we need these 6 points.


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  1. Beating last seasons points total looks less likely than finishing higher in the league in my opinion. being honest our final fixtures look pretty worrying. QPR, Cardiff, Norwich, Swansea, Leeds, Burnley and Reading being the stand out tough games which makes the homes games against Donnie, Barnsley, Coventry and Bristol City unbelievably important. Boro and Palace away as well we need at least a point each. I don’t think we will go down but it can happen easily. No championship run in is simple wherever u are in the league.

  2. The Sheff U result calmed everybody down a little bit, but make no mistake, if we don’t capitalise with at least four points from the next two games, we are still in trouble! Tonight is another huge game.

  3. Kennington Ram

    Q: A Win At Last – What Next?

    A: Another Defeat

    I honestly think this season is panning out to be more miserable than the last Prem season. At least that season their was the ray of light that the next season promised to be good (it wasn’t, obviously). Even if we stay up, which we should just about achieve due to Palace, PNE and one others ineptitude, I can’t see anything positive coming over the summer or next season with Clough and the pennyless Americans in charge.

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