My Team for Sheff Utd

For the first time in ages it seems we have some options for tomorrows monster clash with Sheffield United. Here’s my team :-

In terms of left back I’d go for Pearo over Pringle. I suppose it’s a choice between Pearo’s athleticism or Pringle’s delivery and I think the former could be key in terms of breaking quickly.   

In Midfield, we need to re-energize the, potentially key, Brayford/Cwyka partnership down the right and Ben Davies probably just keeps his place on the left although we could swap him out for Pearo, Steve Davies or Pringle if he doesn’t show up.

In the middle, Addison’s a must and I think Savage just gets the nod over Greeny for a game like this. Sav’s a big game man and this is a big game. He can have a rest on Tuesday.

Up front Robinson’s an obvious one in the absence of Ward, but I think we should give Porter another run. Steve Davies has been poor in the last two games and I think Ports just might nick us a goal tomorrow, especially with Robinson to give him a hand.

Let me know your thoughts – Come on you Rams!



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  1. Didn’t Pearo have a debacle last time he played left-back (Watford away a couple of years ago). How about switching Brayford and playing Green at right-back? Get Boulding up front, he’s the only one who knows where the net is!

  2. As much as I can’t see it happening, I’d quite like to see us go 3 at the back tomorrow and see if we can’t cause more problems that way around.

    For me, it would be a back 3 of Brayford, Barker and Ayala, with Green on the right and Pearson on the left playing as wide midfielders-cum-wingbacks, Addison and Savge (I suppose we have to!!!) in the centre of the park with Ben Davies and Bueno playing just behind Steve Davies.

    In reality though, I can’t see us going so attack-minded in what’s become a real 6 pointer for us, and in all honesty I can’t see Nigel going in with a new formation that won’t have been worked on – surely he’s learnt that much from the Leicester debacle?

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