Post Match Thoughts – Scunthorpe

Yesterday I went to Scunthorpe and overall, I suppose, I was happy with the point. The opposition were poor but the pitch was truly shocking and it really wasn’t the day for our passing football.

Here’s a few thoughts arising from the game.

– Jamie Ward looked lively and sharp and gave us an outlet and nuisance value up front we’ve not had since Kuqi left. He should get better, with more games and better service. I’d say a good first run out from him.

Watch this space, this guy is class.

– Ayala looked utter class even on the ploughfield of a pitch. He’s very confident on the ball and wanted it constantly. Although he’s almost come in under the radar, he could prove to be a key signing. He’ll take a lot of pressure off Barks to play out, which is not his strong point.

– Regular readers of this blog and my twitter will know I’m no fan of our goalkeeper (as a goalie or a bloke). However credit where it’s due, he had a really good game. He made two great saves (when did that last happen?) in the first five minutes which were crucial and he looked confident in more than dodgy conditions. As much as it pained me, I also had to chuckle at his constant  juvenile efforts to boot the ball out the ground for every stoppage.

– Ben Davies is really struggling with his set pieces. Two free kicks in particular, in good positions were hopelessly over hit. Now we’ve got, Miles, Barks, Ayala and Steve Davies in the box, he has to do better.

– Finally, whilst the constant singing of our fans away from home is well documented. I was particularly impressed by the large canon of songs, which has always been something Derby have not had over the years. Think my favourite of the new ones is “we’re the black and white army” bizarrely to the tune of the White Stripes Seven Nation Army.

A good point all things considered, now let’s get that bloody win.



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  1. Sounds positive. Do you think Nigel knows his best first 11 at this stage – and the right tactics 4 them ?

    • I think that outside the back four and keeper, its pretty much starting from scratch. I think all he’s going to do it pick the best team for any given game. For example, there was no point at all in playing Bueno at Scunthorpe, but I expec him to providing the bullets in the coming home games. I suppose any further Loan signings will also add to the equation.

      At least we’re starting to get some options!

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