Cywka-gate Poll

It’s been yet another turbulent few days in DCFC land with Clough’s Cywka rant the main focus of attention. Even many pro-Clough fans have seen this as a step too far and goodwill seems to be ebbing away. I wondered if Clough may say it “heat of the moment stuff” but instead we have a statement from Tomasz on the official club site (helpfully reprinted by the DET) in which he says he has no problem with Clough’s comments. At least if Tomasz’s football career doesn’t work out, he’ll soon find work in a press office judging by his language and prose.

After the Ipswich debacle, when the ambulance chasers were starting to circle, I still tried to remain positive. However, after a decent result at Pompey (albeit in frustrating

Face masks - also useful for flying boots in the dressing room.

circumstances) I have to admit the post-match afters have left a sour taste . If you read the last comment on the previous entry from Mancunian Ram about Bywaters Twitter feed, it seems the feelings aren’t just amongst the fans (some of Bywater’s comments are about as subtle as his Art installation).

Anyway, what do you think of Clough’s comments (feel free to add comments but make sure you do it on this page rather than it being lost on the poll site):


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  1. Kennington Ram

    Good to see that statement from Cywka (via the DCFC press office, but the sentiment still stands), but wouldn’t it be lovely to hear a similar extending of the olive branch from Clough? I think his stubborn nature is making him look really petty and pig headed at the moment.

    • Totally agree Kenners. Regular readers know we largely support Clough and GSE in the face of popular opinion. However this incident has really left a nasty taste.

      When you’re winning, you can be as big a wanker as you want (see Billy Davies). When you’re not you need all the support you can get. I think this whole episode has taken a significant withdrawl from Clough’s goodwill tank, which was already dangerously close to empty.

  2. Kennington Ram

    Didn’t do himself any favours again last night did he.

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