What happens next?

With Derby County’s capacity to frustrate, disappoint and break the hearts of us, the fans, reaching levels previously unimaginable (and that’s saying something) against Crawley, we are now staring down the barrel of a pivotal 2 weeks which could shape the next 12-18 months at the club.

Following the recent run of form and, in particular, the crushing defeats to Forest & Crawley, the Champagne Supernova football of November seems like a lifetime away and all the great progress made has been all but forgotten.

Understandably the natives are restless and even the most blind faith Rams fan is scratching his head at some of the team selections and wondering quite where this team is now going.

If the Rams were hoping for a quick fix, then we couldn’t feasibly have two tougher league games to try to recover with. Watford are the form team in the division, currently on a run of 6 straight wins, and I don’t think you need me to tell you the next game. Hands up who’s looking forward to that?   

Even if we were top of the league, it’s not out of the question that we could lose both those games. If we continue our current run of form, there’s no question we will lose both these games. If that does come to pass (please God is doesn’t), we will really see how bulletproof Nigel is. 

If you wrap around this Commons contract talks reaching a crescendo, the next 3 weeks of potential transfer activity and Savage’s potential early departure from DCFC, this is a massive moment in the current era. Is Nigel onto something as we thought 6 weeks ago or do we need to start again, either with a new manager or a new team?

Watch this space.

Whatever happens, the simple fact that we’ve sold out our pre-allocation for Watford, on the back of Crawley is reminder enough that you should always be proud to love the Rams, no matter how much they fuck you over! 



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