The week that was…

There have been a few bits and pieces worth a comment this week, without really justifying an article in their own right, so here goes…

1) Robbie Savage’s “sing when you’re winning” comments. This one, I was going to do a piece on but by the time I had the energy to do it, it was old news.

For what its worth, I think he had a point. The Millwall game was awful but there was very little from the fans and his point about young players was true. After a poor cross by Doyle, there were audible grumbles, even worse moments later when he misjudged a bouncing ball in midfield – not good for a 19 year old’s confidence and his head literally went down from then on. People were moaning about Commons around me – well, he’s been rubbish this season hasn’t he? When Commons did show some quality, running from the half way line, skinning the last man but then fluffing his lines, there was no round of applause or “Come On!” just a collective groan. The players need to shake themselves down after the Forest debacle but I think a lot of fans do too.

I heard a couple of conversations about sacking Clough on the way out (after drawing against a top 10 side! A shocking game admittedly but come on?). As Simon pointed out today, you only have to look at some of the names being bandied around for Championship jobs to realise that chopping and changing managers isn’t the way forward.

On that subject, it seems Jagger is nailed on for the Ipswich job which has a strange synchronicity about it. Two years ago, Jagger had a poor Championship season but quietly sneaked through to the Carling Cup semi-final – only to be axed before his moment of

"If we can just reunite Ellington and Roberts we'll shoot up the league"

glory. Fast forward two years and Jagger will pick up where he left off – one of his first tasks will be facing Arsenal in the Carling Cup semi’s whilst Keane is denied his moment.

Loan watch – two loans of interest that I noticed. 1) Dicko is on the move again – this time to Rochdale for the rest of the season (a reader also pointed this out to me).

2) Chris Wood, the man who turned us down to sit on the bench at Barnsley is now at Brighton for the rest of the season. Brighton are doing well this season but he must have some regrets.


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  1. Another strange coincidence – it was after a numbingly dismal home defeat to Ipswich Town that Jagger was relieved of his duties, if my memory serves me correctly….

  2. I love your articles, they always cheer me up especially when the rams are having a tough time, more importantly they add balance to what can only be described as outrageously stupid comments on many messageboards. Keep up the sterling work.

    • Thanks, not sure I could cheer anyone up after last night! (I see your comment was pre-match). It doesn’t bear thinking about what the message boards are saying now.

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