Derby Rumours Thus Far

I don’t really feel too inspired to write a lot about today’s game against Millwall, although we didn’t lose and we did keep a clean sheet against a very tough and in form team.

Our next two league fixtures are Watford away and Forest at home and I think we’d all agree a few tweaks to our squad  wouldn’t go amiss prior to those fixtures.

Here’s a simple list of the rumours I’ve picked up or heard so far. Some you may have heard, some you may not. Feel free to comment. Here we go :-

WBA interested in Leacock
Rams interested in Glen Loovens of Celtic
Wolves interested in Greeny (£1.5m?)
Rams interested in Adam Le Fondre of Rotherham (again!)

Although Nigel said today that we’d heard nothing, the Greeny one seems to be the most solid. I think I’d actually take £1.5m for him now. He’s a good 110% player but just lacks that bit of quality to make him truly influential. It also doesn’t help that he seems to be the jack of all trades and his “box to box” style just doesn’t work with 4-2-3-1.

Watch this space.


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  1. You forgot “Leacock to Burnley” which you told me! With the added mischief of “why would Burnley be signing players when they haven’t got a manager?” “well, perhaps the rumour of Silly going there and giving the board a list of players is true” (a genuine rumour from the papers but one that seems very unlikely now).
    More likely is Jagger turning up at Preston or Burnley and perhaps he will take a couple off our hands.
    How about going back for the Dutchman we passed on in the summer, described at the time as hard-man right-back or defensive midfielder? He wouldn’t have gone amiss recently.

  2. I think that most of the stuff printed on Sky is pure agent talk – they quite often put up a story with no quotes from anybody, linking players here and there. I think the most pertinent rumour is Kris Commons to Celtic. Whether it’s done in January or in the summer, I expect that one to go through and am looking forward to Glick’s PR campaign when it does.

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