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Departure Lounge – Kris Commons

At the beginning of the week, I had a text exchange with my brother which basically said “Rangers offering £500k for Commons, if they nudge it up a bit, I’ll be happy with that” the reply suggested we should hold out for more. It seems Rangers did offer £500k plus add-on’s but the eventual fee we’ll receive is widely quoted as somewhere around £300k. A fraction of what most fans thought he was worth but did we have a choice?

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Money, money, money

During Nigel Clough’s post-match interview on Radio Derby, he was pressed by Colin Gibson about Derby’s transfer kitty. Like a dog with a bone, Gibbo refused to accept Clough’s diplomatic answers and kept pressing on, comparing our spending to how much Forest and Leicester were spending. It’s a common complaint amongst some fans and Radio Derby seem to beat the drum on this one; pre-Millwall they also discussed “should a club like Derby be able to afford a £2m player?”.

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Pre-Forest Build Up

Around this time last year I remember writing a piece in the build-up to the Forest match. The Rams had had an awful Christmas, followed by a 1-4 defeat to Scunthorpe and a couple of scrappy, better results. Forest were on the crest of a wave, unbeaten away all season and had recently been hammered West Brom away. I was dreading the game and would have taken a point any day.

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What happens next?

With Derby County’s capacity to frustrate, disappoint and break the hearts of us, the fans, reaching levels previously unimaginable (and that’s saying something) against Crawley, we are now staring down the barrel of a pivotal 2 weeks which could shape the next 12-18 months at the club.

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The week that was…

There have been a few bits and pieces worth a comment this week, without really justifying an article in their own right, so here goes…

1) Robbie Savage’s “sing when you’re winning” comments. This one, I was going to do a piece on but by the time I had the energy to do it, it was old news.

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Derby Rumours Thus Far

I don’t really feel too inspired to write a lot about today’s game against Millwall, although we didn’t lose and we did keep a clean sheet against a very tough and in form team.

Our next two league fixtures are Watford away and Forest at home and I think we’d all agree a few tweaks to our squad  wouldn’t go amiss prior to those fixtures. Read the rest of this entry