Where did it all go wrong?

In the aftermath of last nights debacle, it would be very easy (and understandable) to look for scapegoats and heads which need to roll.

It’s almost inexplicable to compare the positivity around the Rams at the end of November (when we were 4th in the league) to the feeling of despair and embarrassment shared by all Rams fans after last nights fiasco.

It’s an obvious point that we’ve conceded too many goals all season. Pre-season, I thought Bucko, Anderson, Barks and Leacock was more than adequate cover for centre half. With the first two being out all season, the signs were there early (bad goals against Leeds, Cov, Cardiff and QPR) that this was a problem but maybe we all got lulled into a false sense of security during the subsequent purple patch.

"...so Pesch says we can have Mooro for Ando, Roberts and 2 sets of last years away kit.."

Whilst many Rams fans are split on Leacock, there is no question that Deano is an inconsistent performer and this has left an immense amount of pressure on Barker, which, to be fair, he’s struggled with.

After Clough’s Albrechtsonesque caning of Leacock last night, you have to wonder whether Deano has the drive (which was Cloughs point) to step up (as Commons has done) and prove his boss wrong.  With Ando and Addison woefully short of match fitness and general game time, I think an experienced, big,  nasty centre half should be top of our January window list.

Without Sav, Barker is left to run the team, organise the defence and also to pass the ball out of defence, which is clearly not his natural game. In short,  he needs some help. We don’t need an Igor, but a Danny Shittu or a Chris Morgan, even to the end of the season would go down a treat.

Clough spoke of a general lack of commitment to stopping goals and you need only look at the amount of costly goals we’ve conceded at the end of each half to prove his point. Crewe (45 +1), Cov (80), QPR (92 & 95), Hull (43 & 82), Burnley (82 & 91), Reading (43 & 88), Forest (45+1 & 93). As or goals just after half time, don’t even go there! Take away even half of those goals and we’d still be top 6.

After losing 5 games on the spin, you have to ask questions of the manager and he certainly has got a few things wrong of late. Yet anyone who was at the Norwich and Reading games will know that should have been 4 points not zero and, for the record, I honestly don’t think Kuqi would have made any difference to either result.

Yesterday Burnley sitting 2 points outside the play offs with a game in hand sacked Brian Laws. Whilst it wasn’t their fault they lost Owen Coyle, this was a stupid appointment, a stupid decision to give him several million in the summer and, even though I hate the guy, a stupid decision to sack him. Now sit back and watch them appoint another duffer and immediately let him waste more parachute money in January.

I don’t want that at DCFC again and that’s why we need to ride this out.

Sunderland recently lost 5-0 to Newcastle then promptly went on a run to 7th in the league including an away win at Chelsea. Arsenal gave away a 2-0 lead to lose 2-3 to Spurs at the Emirates  and then promptly scored back to back wins to push themselves straight back into the title race. We need to do the same, starting at PNE on New Years day.

Dust yourself down, get your chin up and let’s make sure we go into the re-match on 22nd firmly in the top 8.



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  1. Mark Bembridge

    Very well said. All of it!

    • I agree, let’s get back on the horse and get some points on the board. It’s a “Scunthorpe moment” with bells on, so let’s hope the desire is there to make amends.

  2. Well put! These sack Nigel idiots on the Monday night moan in need to get a grip with where the club has come from and gone to on the last 24 months (Thanks Nigel!) The wages have been slashed and signings from Crewe, Exeter, Blackpool, Burton, Doncaster (jury out), Swansea … etc, have been inspirational and added value.
    I’m sure Nigel would love a blank cheque book but we have to live in the real world. IMO we are a couple of years in front of the championship (and 1/2 the premiership) in getting our finances in order and living within our means.
    99% of Rams season ticket holders would have bit your hand off at being 4/5 points off the play-offs by the new year. It’s where we are aiming for. I was more worried at the continuing form of Oct/Nov propelling this squad into the premiership than I am now at settling for top half. We need to continue to build; Savages wages (£25k a week?) should release funds for more signings in the summer … or a boost to line Commons’ pocket?
    Give me Nigel’s entertaining football than the results driven 1-0 crap served under 3-in-a-bed-Billy’ s promotion season.
    Its a 5 year plan, we are where we are. All said and done we need a result against Preston/Millwall and avoid defeat to Crawley or I fear for Nigel – not with the board but the fans may turn.
    C’mon ewe rams!

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