Post Match Thoughts – Reading

I think I was arguably more frustrated and disappointed by yesterdays defeat to Reading than the QPR debacle. How we lost is still beyond me and the list of missed opportunities for the Rams is growing by the week. Here’s some more detailed comment:-

  • Whatever the thinking behind playing Pearo and Greeny ahead of Sav and Bailey, this was a mistake. Savage noticeably raised the whole tempo and intensity of the game and whilst Bailey is still not on full throttle, his quality was still there for all to see. People say we’ve missed Bueno (which we have), but its Bailey’s absence thats hurt us. Greeny’s not great in the holding role and Pearo was simply awful.
  • Luke Moore seems to polarize opinion. I know plenty of people who aren’t convinced and several wrist slashers were straight onto Radio D to seemly blame him for the defeat. I actually thought he had a great game yesterday aside from his finishing. He’s got more quality than Kuqi and some of his layoffs were class. I loved Kuqi but don’t confuse raging bull passion with quality (see Tito Villa). Moore needs a goal.
  • Talking of players I love, Cwyka was shocking yesterday. He needs a freshen up and Clough was right to call this earlier in the week. Some of his wild lashes when loose ball’s fell to him went unnoticed but lost us key positions. What about giving Moore a go on the right and putting Ports up top?
  • So whilst we’re considering whats changed to make us lose 4 games on the spin from 4th in the league, try the goalkeeper. Frank Fielding’s quiet authority and general positional sense was key to many of our wins. Quite WTF Bywater thought he was doing on their winner yesterday, I don’t know.
  • Check the league table and it’s still wide open. Leeds are second which tells you all we need to know! If we do slightly better in the second half of the season we’ll be in the mix for sure. But christ we don’t half need a win.

Happy Christmas and keep the faith,


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