Nice Problems To Have

Following the recent minor hiccup in results and, relative, loss of momentum, it struck me that the Rams have one or two issues on the table at the moment. However it also struck me that the current issues of the day are of a significantly different type to recent history.

After the Norwich game, we had lost 3 of our last 4 games, the last 2 being narrow defeats against teams in and around us, and we dropped out of the play off zone. Whilst the nature of these last two defeats was gutting, we remain very much in the play off mix. This time last year we weren’t even in the mid table mix!

" based on your quote, Wolves bid £275K, cash up front and Derby sold him"

Ian Holloway recently stated that Blackpool could sign Varney (currently smashing up the Premiership) for £250k and there was nothing the Rams could do about it. Whilst Tom Glick has refuted this, lets not forget that in August we’d have happily paid Blackpool £250k to take Varney off us. So whilst it would be great if West Brom gazumped Olly with a £1m bid, lets not get too down if he just completes a move to Blackpool. Form is temporary!

Will Kris Commons sign his new contract? With his superb form this year, this is a major worry to all Rams fans yet, again, rewind a 6 months and most people would have been happy to see him slip away (and off the wage bill). No one has ever doubted his quality but the fact that Nigel has got him fit and firing, means that we now have the best player in the Championship as opposed to a perma-injured expensive luxury. Worse case we get £1.5m in January.  

Talking of January, isn’t it nice to be talking of the transfer window in terms of the “stick or twist” promotion conversation as opposed to the annual, “who can get us out of the shit this year” angle of recent seasons.



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  1. Let’s hope that the Jan stick or twist decision goes a bit better for Nigel than it did for Billy D in the promotion season

    Stephen Pearson, Jay McEverly, Gary Teale, Tyrone Mears, Dave Jones and Jon Macken…

  2. Dave Jones is quality and Jewell messed up by flogging him to W*lves. But Christ, he actually did sign Jon Macken, didn’t he?

    Also, anyone remember that young right back he tried to develop through the youth ranks – Jason Beardsley? Whilst never giving Miles Addison a game….

    Anyway, I doubt we’ll do much business in January. The team seems pretty settled and every position is covered, so long as we don’t have another injury crisis. Summer will be busier, as Savage will go and free up quite a lot of space on the wage bill, plus there’ll be a fresh budget (possibly Commo might go too, unfortunately). So I think this season, top ten and consolidation, next season, new players, fresh impetus and a proper good go at it.

    Also SpaceRams, I would be interested to know what you think of Luke Moore? I think he could be a really good signing, but I saw some fools on the BBC messageboard slating him (and saying Kuqi is our best player…), despite his three goals in six starts.

    • I like Luke Moore, although the jury is definitely out, even amongst my usually uber positive rams mates.

      I think its easy to get emotional about out and out triers like Kuqi. But there’s no doubt Luke Moore’s the better long term bet and, overall, brings more to the table. He could even slot in the front three in the event that we bought in another striker or Ports could stay fit for more than 20 minutes.

      Early in the season we wrote a piece about Nigels transfer policy (relating to the book “why England Lose) and I’d say Moore is the first player we’ve signed with a bit of baggage/problems. If we can get him smiling and commited, he’s a young, £3m player for next to nowt, which can’t be bad.

  3. Think we need a striker but looks like we’re going to make do with what we have. Moore probably needs a few more games Christmas is just the time to get them under his belt.

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