Post Match Thoughts – Burnley

I’ve waited 24 hours to avoid a bitter four letter tirade against Mears and Laws (for the record, neither did anything particularly offensive yesterday, I just hate them both). But if you can bear to remind yourself of yesterday’s gutting defeat at Burnley, here’s my thoughts.

  • Over the piece, you have to say we didn’t do enough to win the game, although to lose was harsh. As Nigel rightly pointed out, if you defend for 80 minutes you leave yourself open to conceding in one way or another.

    ".....and whenever you weren't there my dad used to tell all the lads he thought you were shit"

  • Whilst several players were apparently under the weather, losing Bueno and Commons really kicked the legs from under our formation. Burnley didn’t look that great and I’m sure we would have picked them off 2 or 3 nil with a full team. As we came more under the cosh, a positive sub  and perhaps a move to 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 may have eased the pressure and given us a chance for the killer second goal.
  • On a similar note, why on earth did we bring Ports on instead of Kuqi? Ports reminded me of Steve Davies at the end of last season, an ungainly physical wreck who could hardly run! I appreciate we’ve got to prepare for life after Kuqi, but this wasn’t the moment to give someone a run.
  • Whilst there’s not really anything to moan about in terms of the goals, how on earth did the ref not send Thompson off for his elbow on Barks? He was five yards away and it was as pre-meditated a whack as you’ll ever see. We were 1 up at the time and with 10 mean I’m sure we’d have got a minimum draw.     
  • Finally, I’ve heard a lot of talk recently about our poor away form. I don’t buy this. We’re a million miles ahead of where we were last season away and we shouldn’t let our awesome home form make our away return worse than it is.

C Spaceram

(and I didn’t mention that twat Mears or his wanker of a manager once!)

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