Brayford accosted by crank in Ilkeston!

This week, The Rams have been doing some promotional work at branches of the Derbyshire Building Society which has included appearances by players. Around three o’clock this afternoon, John Brayford was innocently standing around on Bath Street in Ilkeston, when an man in his 30s left his office Usain Bolt style to point out where the nearest branch of the Derbyshire was.

The star-struck fan then subjected Brayford to a succession of inane questions such as “are you enjoying it then?” [being at Derby] and “tough game on Saturday isn’t it?”. The so-called fan completely neglected to ask anything of interest such as “has Bailey been training

Brayford receives a dodgy package

this week? Is he fit?”

After returning to his office, the man then left the premises again to give John Brayford a copy of the re-issued cult classic Bad Worse Worst – The story of Derby County’s Record Breaking 2007/8 Season (copies still available). By this point, crowds had gathered at the office window and Brayford had been papped by the Hull Fan At Work.

Yes. it was me.


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  1. You should have got a shed load signed and got them out as special edition for Christmas. Who else was present! My lad wants to go to Belper branch but they didn’t know when the players were turning up, or who was coming.

    • Another player was due. I didn’t see who but from a colleagues description it could have been Barker. Someone told me they were coming “before closing” but it was no more definite than that.

  2. Is Curves a massage parlour??

  3. One for the stalkers gallery!

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