Ipswich – Pre Match Thoughts

Hot on the heels of Saturdays glory, the super ‘top 4’ Rams are in action again tomorrow at Ipswich. Here’s a preview of what we can expect from the opposition from my Ipswich mate, Ollie.

“Well tomorrows game is delicately poised.

I Have not gone to Portman road this season and come away with a great feeling as yet. Priskin up front has had a tough year but is now winning the crowd over. His £1.7 million move from Watford last year has been a noose around his neck and he seemed to wait for things to happen before and the crowd were on his back. He has bagged a few of late and since us signing his mate(fellow Hungarian), Marton Fulop in goal, he seems to be rolling up his sleeves.

Jason Scotland has been playing in the hole, a striker with great balance and the knack of scoring penalty box goals. I wouldn’t raise an eyebrow if he finishes with 20 goals this season as long as he stays fit.

Of course there is the young gun Connor Wickham, who is built like a doorman and has a real presence up front at 17 years of age. I think one day he will leave for the green grass of the Premiership, which is a shame, but you can’t fight the inevitable. But for now Keane likes to keep him under wraps in case someone like Roy Hodgson tries to tempt the kid away from Portman Road with a bag a sweets and Fifa 11 for the PS3 in January.

We currently have a glut of midfielders, with the arrival of Townsend and Livermore (from Spurs, yes it is the same one – Chris), Colback (another from Sunderland), Norris, Leadbitter, Hyam, Edwards & Peters, all of which could justify a starting position in most Championship sides.

It’s at right full back where we appear to be vulnerable, well……we’ve not got one! Peters and Eastman(young lad who is a centre half) have played there and both have done ok but will get turned over by decent sides. Would have thought full backs were two a penny but obviously not.

I think off the back of Saturdays win against the scum of the north, we should have enough to win by a narrow margin, so I’m going for Ram and mint sauce, 2-1 to town. But good luck, it might just be your night, bearing in mind you have not had much luck in recent years in Suffolk and, without Claude Davis, you may just nick it!!!”

Ollie “I like to keep life simple” Coe


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  1. We’re already light years ahead of where we were the last time we went to Portman Road. A draw would be a great result for us and keep the momentum going. Without Leacock at the back, I fear we might find it difficult, though – perhaps this game might be one too many for us given the injuries and suspension, but as long as we rally for the trip to Swingin’ Sven’s Leopard-Print Crisp Bowl on Saturday, I don’t give two hoots!

    Fantastic performance on saturday. High on endeavour, plus we showed more skill, pace and flair. 5-0, 3-1, 3-0, 4-1, 2-0, not a bad home sequence…

  2. Well I don’t think any of us expected THAT!

    • Last night was an unbelievable result. I was sitting doing some work listening to the commentary and the last time I did that was the utterly depressing defeat to Hull.

      I remember feeling utterly dejected listening to Jonny Metgod’s post match defensive rant. After last nights game, I don’t think I can remember a time I’ve been more excited about the Rams.

      The current performance and potential of this team is immense.

      Get in you Super Rams!

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