Never felt more like singing the blues…

…when Derby win and Forest get yet another draw, coincidently against a team we’ve recently battered, and Silly starts his post match whingeing. In the game of Billy’s Bullshit Bingo, the phrase “stellar-signings” has featured heavily this season. After Forest’s most recent stalemate Davies was at it again, claiming “if you want to be a top-six side in the Championship, you have to, in my opinion, bring in stellar signings”.

Is that really the case Billy? On Saturday, Forest had two players on the bench who they had paid over a million quid for (David “I’ll repay Billy’s faith (if only I could get on the pitch)” McGoldrick and Raddy “thanks for the permanent contract (one goal since)”Majewski). How many teams can manage that? In contrast, The Rams had a lad from Ilkeston Town and an American college kid – the phrase “bad workman” and “tools” springs to mind.

Bearing in mind Forest’s recent official statement about how much the owner is subbing

"Once we get Bale and McGeady in, they'll be no stopping us"

them (average £5m a season), Davies’ comments must truly grate. Setting his sights so high have meant no new incomers and a squad as stale as last weeks Balti pie. Can you imagine Silly’s face if the “acquisition committee” presented him with two young lads from Crewe?

We might as well enjoy this whilst we can. The truth is Forest are only four points behind us in the concertinaed Championship table and with three tough away games coming up, things could look very different in a couple of weeks. Even so, whilst there’s a chance to gloat, let’s do it!


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